Why is the CFL hatin on Nautyn McKay-Loescher??

I do not understand why the CFL is hating on Nautyn McKay-Loescher, He sacked Glenn near the end of the first half in Saturday nights game causing the fumble. If you check the stats for the game, the officials gave the sack, forced fumble and the tackle to Cody....You can clearly tell it was NML and the announcers on saturday mentioned his name numerous times, so how could they fuck that up????

I think they do not want Nautyn to be in the sacks race this year. Not only that but McKay has only played in 11 games this year but the site says 12, hmmm some more hating, I think so.

With the addition of Keith on the Line, teams cannot only plan around McKay. This will give McKay some more one on one with an O-Lineman which will lead to more sacks. Nautyn will be the sack leader by the end of the year!

I think you're right. I heard the league office sent a couple of goons out to slash NML's tires. And they've been crank calling late at night, only to hang up when he answers.

I like NML. I don't think it's anything against him on the part of the CFL. Just more proof of their ineptitude.

I've been getting hang-ups late at night too, ExPat. Must be Cohon. Refuse to get in a picture with the guy at ONE tailgate...