Why is the Argo forum here dead?

Over at the Ticat forum it`s a different ball game,, always busy! Here, days go by without a post. I guess they are over at friends of the Argonauts.

…or on an nfl site…dreaming of the never to be…It’s time for the Argo/CFL FANS to stand-up and be counted… :roll: :roll:

Ratings and attendence would suggest there are a large number of Argo fans out there, they are just not on here....

A lot of the team forums are no longer part of this mrx nightmare

The Blue Bombers and Argos forums are seperate.

you can find plenty of argo fans on the argo's site forum

I know we're like last on here in terms of posts and discussion. It is sad.

They are on the Ticat's board trolling.....................


Do you ever think that just maybe Argo fans don't blather on like Ticat fans unless they're going to make sense. :lol:

Maybe the team is too disheartening to comment about.

This question is worth asking again.

Nothing to say on the Joseph concussion/stinger?

Why does the team with statistically the league's worst offence carry only two quarterbacks when everyone else has three?

Not meaning to troll, just want to hear an Argo-fan perspective.

Where is that? The argos website doesn't appear to have a link to any forums on it at all (not that I could find it even if there was one, there is so much stuff packed in on that page).

Argo Fan Board is there


Good question... My only answer is that something is seriously wrong with the Argos behind the scenes & they need to get their crap together before a 3rd season slips through their fingers! They have focused on bringing in new guys in most facets of the team, except at the QB position where it's needed the most. I think in the off season we'll see coach Andrus have to hire a whole new coaching staff & there will be some front office shuffling go on as well... Then we'll see the double blue return to form!

My QB wish list includes: Adrian McPherson & Jason Maas.

We have been wondering about that all year. What's a 3rd string rookie QB get in the CFL $50,000? Practice roster guys get about $500 a week, so they're saving $40,000 a year. That's being a cheapskate and your young QB isn't going to develop not getting a chance to play in the blow outs, of which there has been a few. Even in the close games they weren't going to score with the guys playing, so Andrus may have been tempted to give Reaves a shot if he was dressed.

What's come out the last few days, about Howard S not putting any money into the team, just may have answered the going cheap question. Also why Rita said he wasn't going to bring in many or no players when the practice rosters expanded. It sounds like its pay as you go right now, and there isn't enough "pay" coming in too "go".

Argo fans also have other sports teams they follow. Such as the Leafs, Jays and Raptors. We don't have time to be on forums 24/7. In a city like Hamilton where the Ti-cats are the only show in town, I'm sure there's plenty of time to post on forums and fantasize about winning a grey cup some day.

Wait the leafs are a team? heh good joke! Im from Hamilton, and i follow NFL CFL and NHL. No need to pull Hamilton into this, The reason its dead, is Toronto overall is not a football City! Its a hockey city, they just never have a good hockey team!

I think the forum is dead because we Argo fans are heavy drinkers who rarely have the ambition (or the manual dexterity) to fire up the ol' interweb machine & make some posts. After every Argos game the last two years I get hammered & cry myself to sleep.........

:lol: I kid, I kid. :lol:

I'm an Argo fan and didn't even know there was an online fan forum. It isn't featured on the team website and I only stumbled onto it from the Cats website where I've been posting for 2-3 years now.

An Argo-Cat fan


Facebook among other reasons.