Why Is Super Bowl Getting More Play Than Grey Cup?

Go to your local grocery store at Grey Cup time, and you'll see nothing as far as displays using the Grey cup to sell pop or snacks.

Go to your local grocery store today, and you'll see big displays of chips or pop with cutouts of NFL players and a big Super Bowl sign.

Open your paper, or turn on the radio, and there's bars advertising Super Bowl Parties. Turn on the radio before the Grey Cup, and there's nothing.

I'll never get why a huge event like the Grey Cup gets basically ignored, while the Super Bowl, a foreign event, gets treated like its a major Canadian event? What is up with that?

These people and or retailers are anti Canadian.
Grey Cup is the single most important and biggest Canadian event of the year. It's about time the media starts to treat it like same.

American corporations. Went to Sobeys and they had a mini stadium made out of 7UP bowes and a mini field.

just remember the places were you see Grey Cup advertising and support those businesses.

It could be that these business see the Super Bowl as an event they can make money around and the Grey Cup isn't.

They might be wrong but I do not think it as sinsiter as some are making it out to be.

If they were smart they would have both Grey Cup and Super Bowl parties (along with Stanly Cup finals related events).

I don't know, the whole crazy advertisements for the Superbowl is kinda cheesy.

The Super Bowl is corporate driven.

The Grey Cup is grass roots, fan driven.

Super Bowl = $$$

It would be stupid to think that there wasn't any money to be made off of the Grey Cup, up here. There's a reason it's nicknamed "Canada's National Drunk" ...

It must still be the perception that if it's American, it MUST be better ... gimme a break. I don't understand why the media is so bad for this.

Although there are far more adds for the Stupor bowl..... I did see lots for the Grey Cup!

Holy exaggeration, Batman. It’s not the people and or retailers job to promote the Grey Cup. It’s the CFL’s job to make people and or retailers want to promote the Grey Cup.

Nothing new to add except to state what has already been stated. The Super Bowl is big time corportion driven, even McCains, our friends out east are into advertising with the SB. But does this mean they are anti-Canadian? Not at all, and it is good, maybe they are football fans. And being football fans and knowing the NFL isn't going anywhere out east, well, take it that if a stadium gets built there, they might be interested in ownership.
The Super Bowl is huge, all over Canada and is not as regional of an affair as the Grey Cup I don't think, even if the GC numbers are equal or better. But again, this is good, without the SB hype, our Grey Cup would be getting less than half the hype it gets now since football would be low, low and people would say that football, period, is not big.

I know some don't agree with my logic here but this is the way I see it. Why do so many actors and singers go down to the States? Because they can make more money there than here. Why do these people get more recognition once they go down to the States from Canadians? Because they are more exposed. The SB is more exposed than the GC in Canada and especially in Canada's largest cities. The players are more recognizable, they are pushed into the forefront by big American companies.

Sure, we can keep pushing to get the GC more advertised and that, that is needed for sure. But let's not put down our football friends in the States who really, in the long run, are doing nothing but helping us by pushing football into the forefront and at least putting hockey and baseball on the backburners for a bit. Baseball is very big in the summer in Toronto where the Jays play, that is a different sport and really is the competition in Toronto.

Should also add, though, that the GC was more of an event in Canada long before the SB even existed so in some respects, you could say we are the ones that taught Americans all about hype and a pro football championship.

Here's the bottom line.
I think alot of people in Canada, including the general media, act like they know football. But they don't.

They say they follow the NFL, just because they think its the "in" thing to do. But they rarely ever watch a game. As TV ratings show.

In fact I heard a female DJ on the radio yesterday mention the "big game" in Miami, and then she said it will be shown on CBS? In Canada? She was obviously reading from an American newsclip. Like I say. They know nothing.

Therefore, these know nothings think that the Super Bowl is the greatest event in the world. Because thats what they hear on American Tv and from the CAnadian media.

So we have all these know nothings who don't even watch football telling us how big the Super Bowl is. While ignoring the Grey Cup because its Canadian so they think its inferior.

So we get all the hype for the Super Bowl from the know nothings in this country who run things. And very little for the Grey Cup.

It comes down to the fact very few people in this country know football. So they're oblivious to the success of the CFL. Because its not on American TV. They're idiots.

One thing I'll add is that for some reason, and maybe it's because of jealousy for many people in Toronto that they don't have an NFL team, but in Toronto, it's like football is a dirty word among many people there, journalists among these. And baseball is pure gold and glory. Even Godfrey is finding it difficult to try and keep his selling NFL dream stuff alive I think. Fortunately the Argos have new ownership and have gathered back some great Argo fans of old who abandoned the team when season ticket sales were down to about 3000 in the 90's under the Scwartz era.

simple math:

300 million + "world wide audience" > 30 million "hockey fans".


The TV numbers are a falacy created by the NFL, simply a lie about world wide coverage.

The stupidity continues.
I just heard on the radio the new Cardinal of Toronto, formerly from Edmonton.
Well, if the stupid host didn't first ask him to "convert" from the Oilers to the Maple Lafs. Then near the end of the interview, the nonsense continued when the host asked who he liked for the Super Bowl. The Cardinal came up with a great answer saying he does not follow the NFL as being a CFL and Eskimo fan. Bravo.

Fallacy #s or not .. its a matter of simple math .. There are FAR more people watching the SuperBowl than there is watching the Grey Cup ..

I can understand someone preferring one league to another .. so what? But denying the enormous stage that the SuperBowl is; is just ignorant. Its a massive football event, there is no denying this. You dont have to like it - Just accept it.

I dont ever care who's in the SuperBowl .. Its an annual event/party! I watch it with friends and family, and beer and enormous amounts of food .. whats not to enjoy?


I agree ArgoTom.
All this BS the NFL spouts about how many billions will be watching the Super Bowl is just that. BS.

REad any UK paper on the internet and there's basically nothing on the Super Bowl. And I'm sure any other European newspaper would give it just as little coverage.

Because American football is an American sport that the rest of the world doesn't play and has no interest in playing.

But like I wrote earlier. The know nothings up here who beleive anything and everything from down there buy this NFL worlwide appeal bunk hook line and sinker.

I agree with Statik, its a good excuse to party with family and friends, enjoy a few drinks and some good food. Usually we have two excuses to party-- Grey Cup and Super Bowl Sunday. Why not enjoy both games and take them for what they are-- entertainment.