Why is Stegel pondering retirement?

For the life of me I can not figure out why Stegel would retire this year. He is so close to the other career stat records and was still a very productive member of a Bomber offence that may even improve with Glenn getting more big game experiance this post season.

Because its hard on his wife and kid. I dont think breaking Allen Pitts' recieving yards record means that much to him...only winning the Grey Cup.

That would be typical. Just like Joe Sakic, Milt is respected no matter who your favorite team is. I just don't think that this is the Bombers only or best chance for the cup, but that why they play these games.

Milt's taken a lot hits to score those touchdowns. He's lost a step and I don't think he wants a Grey Cup w/o being a major contributor. Those who've seen him play over the years know that Milt's on his last lap of the track. May it end in victory.

He's going to retire after this season because his dream of winning the Grey Cup will finally be realised. :wink:

Now there's positive thinking. And you might even be right. Only problem my prairie friend is your neighbour's team to the west ... :slight_smile:

Congrats to your team for their win and hope to see you in the GC!

At some point you think its time to move on and Milt is probably at that point. Maybe in 10 years he will think he left too early maybe he wont. But right now it looks like he thinks it is. Lifes a roll of the dice sometimes.

Milt Stegall is one of those guys that you just respect. Even if you aren't a Bomber fan, you gotta appreciate his skills, and accomplishments.

well seeing how he has almsot retired the last few years. I will always remember everything he has done for my team and my city. he has a great team and a great chance to attain his ultimate goal. he has contemplated retirement because of his family, his wife and son and mother are the 3 most important things in his life. I thank his mother for helping his wife ad so the last few seasons to bring him back. I am glad he had asuch a big ame including his td in his last game in Winnipeg.

We Shall Never Forget The Turtle

Yup hes on a very short list of pro atheletes that Id be impressed to meet.