why is Saskatchewan sitting their no one quarterback.

Am I missing something here??? It is 6:42 pm on Saturday, and Saskatchewan is sitting their starting Quarter back with first place on the line in the west. If I am wrong I apologise but from what I am seeing it looks like Calgary will win the west with a win against BC if Saskatchewan loses . Why
would they risk playing a western final in Calgary , with the grey cup also played there when they could have it at home and Winnepeg play in Calgary for the western semi. I don’t get it. Pls …someone tell me I am missing something.lol

He hurt his back in practice.

End of story. Happy ending though!

His oblique

Gets an extra week of rest as well now.

Thanks all for the info. I was tiling my kitchen and didn’t want to stop until I finished, and
had no idea what was going on in Saskatchewan… by the way , kitchen looks great , and
wife is happy now. later all. and congrats to ticats they deserve they are the Best!!!

Good luck to your kitchen, may you never have an overcooked meal. ?

I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t play the west final.

They said an MRI revealed significant damage to the oblique.

I get the same feeling he won’t be 100% for the west final.

He may get a shot or something. But he’s going to need a healthy oblique to throw.

Also they didn’t say “if this was the playoffs he’d be playing…” Or typical “precautionary” comments.

I have a feeling his injured, not hurt. The way they described it didn’t sound at all like a tweak.

That sucks. I don’t want the Stamps in the Grey Cup. Hopefully Collaros takes them out first.


The sooner the riders (and their fans) are out the better for everyone.

Yeah but I HATE the Stamps more than all the other teams combined. The sight of Dickenson, BLM, Paredes, is downright nauseating. Plus Calgary at home will not be easy.

I would prefer to play the Bombers in the Cup. At least one of the teams would break their drought. ;D

I agree.

If we play our best game, it doesn’t matter who we play.

We’re better than all of them.

The Bombers can beat Calgary and Sask. Then we’ll beat them for the Cup

They will blame Simoni for his hit on Zach if that’s the case

It seems like the backup QBs who replaced the first wave of injured starters are themselves in danger now. The football gods have determined that no QB can start more than 16 games this season. (Mike Reilly reached the same threshold before being taken out.)

Fortunately our guy only needs to start two more games.

This coming week has Western weather evenings or mornings would be more accurate .

Our progressive thinking coaches could take advantage of the cold snap mornings to practice a little earlier in the -4C & -7C to get a feel for the Western weather waiting for the winner of the Eastern & Western finals .

The progressive thinking players could go out and play catch with gloves on & almost frozen fingers… running routes to get a feel for it as well .