Why Is Rogers Still Advertising NFL in Toronto GAme Tickets?

Despites reports to the contrary, Paul Godfrey said last week that over 100,000 people were registered to buy NFL tickets for the games in Toronto.

IF thats the case, and the Skydome only holds 52,000, why then is Rogers still advertising for Bills tickets on its website and on TV?

ME thinks this 100,000 figure is a figment of Paul Godfrey's vivid imagination. I bet they haven't even reached the figure necessary to sellout the Skydome.

IF Godfrey's right, then why continue to advertise tickets for the games when you're assured sellouts already?? I say what we're getting here is more or the same old same old from Paul Godfrey. Meaning total BS.

Why dont you go ask him.

yep, I was surprised last Saturday to see ads on CBC Curling imploring viewers to register for Bills tickets? Rogers owns most of the media, but not the CBC yet, so he would be paying for that ad time...when they supposedly already have 200,000 to 300,000 ticket requests? (from the supposed 100,000 entrants not including the Argo and Bills season ticket holders allotments)...in a 52,000 seat stadium??

I think the earlier news release that requests for Bills tickets were "lacklustre" is really much more accurate than the current 100,000 boast.

you guys know that ads are often arranged and payed for well in advance?

Ads are paid for well in advance? Huh? Its on their bloody web site. MOre Paul Godfrey BS in my opinion. He makes Richard Peddie look like Brian Burke.

He's trying to determine potential sales for the future. Its not rocket science people.


A lot of these registered fans are hoping the games will end up being sold on a game by game basis so they want to be in line. No way will there be 100,000 in line to buy all 5 years worth of tickets in one shot, I don't think so anyways.

Unfortunately, some on this board don't understand how the business of sports marketing works and will read conspiracy into everything.

FYB is correct. I know several rock concerts had been sold out for months, but ads on the radio says "Get your tickets now".

I think its prepaid, no refund advertsing already purchased.

I frankly doubt Rogers (CTV) had "pre-bought" ad space on rival CBC to promote the NFL games. He is on the hook for US$75 Million and is desperate to generate some buzz.

They also don't have 100,000 names entered for tickets. The latest news releases now claim they have "100,000 names entered for single game tickets."

So this mean anyone who requested two tickets counts as two names. And anyone requesting three tickets counts as three names...and so on.

So the earlier report of lacklustre interest in the games with only about 15,000 entrants was probably accurate, while the 100,000 boast was misleading and miscontstrued.

That is why Rogers is buying ad space on rival CBC to help generate some interest in his $78 Million gamble.