Why is QB Randall still a Bomber?

Every time he gets playing time he plays poorly, and Kelly brings in a new QB every week to take over the starting role instead of giving it to Randall so he can develop, like the Ticats are doing with Porter. Obviously Randall is not the answer. And the writing is on the wall. So why does he still have a job in Bomberland?????????

It's just a matter of time, of getting some of the neg list QB's to come up here. Right now, they just can't find enough players willing to come in.

With the Coaching gong show you got there, do you blame the players for not being WILLING to come?

Who said anything about players not willing to come? Did the Bombers just bring in a new QB, a new DE and at least one new receivers? The problem is good QBs are difficult to find. Do you really think it would be a good idea to have Bishop backed up by 2 QBs who have never played a down in the CFL?

also the team is smart enough to know you cant really judge randall by what he's done so far... the kid was brought in as a long term project... the original plan was a couple seasons on the bench and then he'd be given the chance to start (although i think that was assuming wed still have glenn until randall took over)

in both games randall has been brought in this year the games were already out of reach and players had all but given up... you cant properly evaluate any qb without at least giving him a start... and to start him he needs to work with the number one offense for AT LEAST A WEEK if not more and as far as ive seen he has had zero reps with the starters...

the reason hes still here is his skill set, he has what you look for in a modern qb... he may turn out to be a bust but there is no way we can tell yet, to cut him now would basically be a waste of a roster spot for the last few years... hes never been given a proper chance... and how many qbs are brilliant their first few games? not to many... and further more im not so sure an qb is going to succeed in kellys system..

Randall has played poorly but he's only played limited minutes in garbage time. With the rush he faced vs the riders no quaterback in the league would've fared well at all, the Oline play in front of him was pathetic. And name me one QB the bombers have had that has played consistently well with Kelly as the HC. Why are Lefors and Bishop still on the roster since they are not the answer either. If Bramlet throws 2 picks in his time on the field vs mtl should he be cut right away also?

Towelie is right. Randall has the skillset to play in this league and with good coaching can develop into a capable starter. Hopefully with changes to the playbook and better coaching he will get to develop. Few QBs coming in are dynamite starters right away. Every QB starting on other teams right now were backups for a year or 2, some even more (Cavillo). Even stars like Allen, Dunigan, Ham, etc all played waited for their turn. At worst, another season or 2 as a backup he might be attractive to Ottawa in a dispersal draft.