Why is one a penalty and ALL the others are not

We all know that if you make the penalty motion, throwing the flag for Pass interference....you get a penalty. The reasoning behind it is that you are trying to influence the ref...disrespecting him...yadda yadda yadda

Then why is it ok for a player to

  1. Signal a First down
  2. Signal a TD
  3. Signal complete or incomplete
  4. Signal a fumble recovery
    5)Run half way across the field and argue with the ref for a PI Flag

Any reasoning you can come up with for a penalty for signaling a penalty for PI can be said for the examples given

maybe it is that imitating throwing a flag for any reason is the difference, for some reason

But whats the difference between imitating throwing a flag or imitating a first down signal?

In fact, the throwing the flag motion is the only one of these that could possibly mean something different - throw the challenge flag, coach - yet it's the only one that draws a flag.

Yeah, I've wondered about this as well, especially the first down motion.

Why is one penalty called and ALL others are not ?

I've been asking that question for so long now that I've given up.

...bugs me too, they should all be penalties...’cept maybe the first down thing, that’s sort of a celebratory act, and I don’t mind that they’ve let celebrations back into the game....

...but the other ones I don’t like, especially fumble recoveries when the refs are trying to determine who has possession....if you don’t have the ball get the frig away from the pile instead of standing there pointing to your opponent’s end of the field! You, player without the ball, are irrelevant!...

Guys were getting carried away with the flag throwing motion. And it makes them look like whiny babies.

Makes sense ExPat as you say.

I don’t mean the obvious first down signal where the receiver makes a catch and then signals first down…I mean after a 3rd and inches where the offence is pointing a first down…as if to influence the ref…defence is doing the same but in the opposite direction

No more than when the same DB signals incomplete.

Getting carried away and looking like whiny baby can be said for all the examples

As much as I hate to admit it being a Ti-Cat fan an all but it seems like one of the worst culprits for the flag throwing motion is Speedy B . I’d say that he’s good for at least one or two a game yet never seems to get called on it by the refs .