Why is Montreal Alouettes Fan Shop Lacking Compared to Other Team's Shops?

They hardly have any selections, and are almost always out of certain sizes. I just wish as an American Fan, I had more of an option when it comes to getting some gear.


It has gone down hill .

The Als use to have a great merchandise shop .

It was very well done at one time almost comparable to the Cats one .

They must have made some cuts to the operation over time .

One thing that should be mandatory is getting the CFL merchandise more appealable and accessible across the country .

Last year they had Fanatics ads all the time on TSN for the games .

Went to the store online and

they had a few hats no other merchandise for just a few teams of the CFL

and no actual listing for the CFL at all .

Don't feel to bad... I had to order a Bomber flag off Amazon because the Bomber shop hasn't had any all year. I've also been looking for a Bomber helmet, they claim they have them from time to time but I haven't seen one in their store for over 2 years now.