Why is Matt Millen now on NBC?

What NBC genius hired this guy to do commentary for the NFL playoffs? Does anyone care what Millen thinks? Based on his time in Detroit as the worst GM in football history, Millen has proven he has zero football knowledge.

Before Detroit hired him he worked for Fox TV as a color analyst and Westwood 1 on Monday Night Football Radio.

He was very good too .
This was why ford Hired him

His prowess with a mic ensures that he will be able to find a broadcasting gig. That's all it is in a nutshell. NBC had Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis do some remote spots as part of their December "Football Night in America" pre-game shows, so somebody had to warm one of the studio seats. Enter Millen.

Garney Henley once drafted a dead man when he was with the Rough Riders -- and that would certainly not disqualify him from being someone I'd love to discuss football with. Being a GM dealing with personnel issues is distinct from one's ability to talk X's and O's.

Millen's "weak spot" is in his inability to draft and administer with a coherent long-term strategy and when this is mixed with his in-front-of-the-camera personna, well, you get 30,000 folks screaming "Fire Millen" at The Garage. LOL

That being said, he will be on somebody's airwaves long term PDQ.

Oski Wee Wee,