Why is Marcel so positive and understanding



I disagree.

Montreal are this good.

We simply are not as good as some have believed..

..............Yes....they are..

They came very well prepared to make a statement to the Ticats. And they did it in spades!!! A lot of fans (and maybe players themselves) were feeling like a win was inevitable over the Als. "We're 5-1 at home"...."The Als are coming off a short week"..

So many times, when a team is ripe for the picking.....the Cats blow it. Don't get me wrong. The Cats have done a remarkable turnaround this year and have won some games that no-one figured they'd win. But the games they should have won..or should have played well in...they've tanked. That last Argos game is another example of a game that the Cats should have put away.

Montreal is not that good the Tiger Cats are not a very good football team, they have a long list of faults and the tough part of the schedule is coming up so don't think they have a playoff spot all wrapped up

8) What you said :thup:

I don't think there's anything wrong with being positive and with a young team MB is trying to build confidence. The balancing act is that too much patience with mistakes can dull the sense of urgency needed to win close games.

The losses in Edmonton and Toronto might come back to bite the ticats, because those were victories that were handed back.

I would expect last night's debacle to be a slap in the face for the staff and the players. Marcel is probably still positive, but he better be positive that last night's effort won't cut it and the players need to understand that. No more pats on the back after fumbles and saying "there, there". Currie and James better understand that performance is how they will be judged, and that understanding of poor performance won't keep them in the line-up.

Bingo. The party is over.

Positive: Our team is better than it's been in 5 years. Sure, we've made mistakes along the way but are win column so far looks pretty darn good. We've owned the Lions, we've had a good home record (rule #1 Win At Home) and to hear the players talk, the locker room has remained a positive place to be

Reality: We are not Grey Cup Contenders, we're not a the beasts of the League, we are the best of the worst in the East Division. It hurts to say these words, but they are true.

I think we got a playoff game at home, we may have a shot of going to Montreal for the East final, but I can't really believe this team can venture past that.

Now, prove me wrong Ti-Cats!

Some people on here are hilarious!! You're lives must be a continuous nightmare with no room for any light to shine through. In '99 (the last year we won the Grey Cup) we got hammered by the Als around the same time in the schedule. And worse than the beating we took last night. Being positive is the ONLY way to be! This team will bounce back.

Does this coach ever show any fire on the sidelines :thdn: Mr cool as ice its time to start kicking some of these players in the ass :x You have the tools in the toolbox to get the job done............

Not true.

You can't give Colbourne 190+ yards rushing, and say your Team played well.
Why don't we have a bruiser that can just pound away for yards?

You can't give Porter ( or any of our QBs ) so much presure that they can't have an option to give the ball to a RB, and get +ve yards. You have to find a way to win, and if the passing lanes are taken away, you go with the running game. But if you also don't have a running game either, what do you expect?

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I fully agree. Good teams don't dwell on past performances, good or bad. It is more imporatant to not get too high or too low. This was the first game where we really got blown out. It's over, get back to practice, play better next week, and learn from the mistakes. Getting negative and down will only impact the way they perform next week.

Marcel's message this year has all been about playing one down at a time, one quarter at a time, one game at a time. For the most part I believe the team has believed in this. After the win against Calgary I believe the team's focus may have strayed a little, and this showed against Montreal.

Next week is a new game. This loss will hopefully be a real good character builder, and a reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done.


Different strokes for different folks. I saw Al Bruno's demeanour and he delivered...I saw Greg Marshall (the former) with a vein popping out of his head every couple of quarters and we saw how that turned out. Don't think we'll see Marc Trestman metamorphose into Frank Kush.

It's about results, not how the message is delivered IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm not trying to be paternalistic here but why do I feel that many of those calling for screaming on the sidelines are younger and haven't seen other coaching styles that work and work well. The Indianapolis Colts seem to do pretty well with a positive and understanding coach. Again, Russ mentioned Al Bruno.

Guys, sometimes finesse beats power. Sometimes strategy and tactics beat raw strength.

To me, Marcel comes across as composed and engaged. I like his sideline demeanour.

But Russ is right, to each his own.

I find that his calm demeanor is good in some situations and bad in others. It's good because you don't want players to lose self-esteem or they just become worse and worse. Bad because players need to know that this stuff cannot always be tolerated. Good because it makes this team more of a family and makes them ineterested in re-signing most of the time. Bad because sometimes what players need is that coach that pushes them to their limits. Good because sometimes players rebound from their previous mistakes knowing that their coach isn't mad and that there's always another play (See Porter against Calgary). Bad because sometimes players need to be told what to do next time, not just receive a tap on the shoulder with a "hey, it's okay."

[quote="Mark"]I'm not trying to be paternalistic here but why do I feel that many of those calling for screaming on the sidelines are younger and haven't seen other coaching styles that work and work well. The Indianapolis Colts seem to do pretty well with a positive and understanding coach. Again, Russ mentioned Al Bruno.

8) And don't forget Charlie, either.
 He was calm and cool on the sidelines also !!!        <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

If by calm you mean asleep. :lol:

These are professional adults he's dealing with and I'm pretty confident that he doesn't need to be blowing up and losing his cool to get results a la Doug Berry.

Maybe the problem is that he's too short.