why is Maas so bad?

Whatever the reason Maas could be the worst performing Qb Hamilton has ever had.His only redeeming quality is his ability to run.What does he do better than his two backups?

I wish we'd hear the answer to this question.

Is he hurt?

Is it the receivers?

The O-Line is greatly improved with Coach Sal.

Is it the play book?

Is it being too far from home?


It's the schemes.

The schemes prevent him from throwing a spiral?

The "word" is obviously out that he has a throwing arm/shoulder issue from an injury gained this year in training camp or pre-season.

In addition, he took a hip pointer injury during a game or a practice that has screwed his legs up.

He did about 8 or 9 games with a collapsible line in front of him. Ranek was supposed to be able to dfer the heat with a running game, but that plainly did not happen. Since Holmes has replaced Ranek, we have been more effective on offence, but only on the left side, and Jason continues to get squashed, and go unhealed.

The wonky throwing arm and hip/leg might have him overthrowing/underthrowing, lt alone the pressure he is subjected to...

Radlein has not been 100% and is missing blocks.

Aidoo as a replacement, is not showing me a professional player.

The receiver corps for the Ti Cats has no leader that will take people off to the side and "tell" them to start catching and holding on to the balls tossed their way, as they have the easy out that Maas, with his injuries is consistently over or under throwing...

Under Paopao, Maas got signalled plays, and who knows who was reading the signals? Since he's been calling his own, it really has looked better, but he is playing with about 70% capability, and hasn't had a week's respite due to the schedule.

While I'd like to see what Kevin Eakin can do, the results so far aren't encouraging but we may just see, given we ever get a week where we can sit Maas and have a game off, that Jason gets 28 days or so to rest and recuperate

In that time, our third stringer will be exposed as a newbie, and hopefully, we will get an OLineman on the right side who can and will block, and Coach Sal will bash heads with Hudson and prevent such outrageous "arguments" with whatever QB on the sidelines as we saw today...what an embarassment!

Injuries aside, we need not so much a QB that is good, as a QB the team will get behind, and take the hits for.

8) The "Word" is that Maas brought his injured shoulder with him from Edmonton !!!!!!

and edmonton knew of one rookie-runned organization who would take him...haha

He sure didn't look injured in the playoffs of 2005.

Jason needs tall recievers with size .

He likes to throw high ,the recievers then go get it.That takes a big reciever with good hands like he had in Edmonton ,Tucker and the rest.

If we had BC's recievers like someone mentioned earlier (making Bucko Pierce good)he'd get some momentum going under this Cat ship.

This doesn't explain the lack of depth on Jasons long ball,under throwing recievers who are open deep,must be a shoulder thing. :cowboy:

I think that part of why Maas is playing poorly is that his confidence is completely shot. It may be that he made the mistake of reading this website...

Oh Well

Reality S-U-C-K-S

Maas is getting lousy protection in the pocket. When guys are swinging around the outside constantly and hammering him it's hard to have confidence. I noticed three times that he was watching the corners and not his recievers, waiting for the hit. This will take any QB right off his game. He has no faith in his blockers and I can't say I blame him since he has the shortest sustained pocket in the league. The bickering between the Ti Cat players isn't helping much either. I noticed alot of beaking off at team mates in this last game. The fustration is really showing with this team. They have to pull it together. Maas needs a break, I'd rest him for a game or two and play Williams. Williams needs the field time. He's fast and doesn't need the sustained pocket. Eakin is a disaster. Worst QB I've ever seen. Playing Eakin means giving the game away, he couldn't hit a barn with a beach ball at two feet. The offensive line really needs to pull themselves together. The Defensive line has done a good job in the last two games, except for that 4th quarter on Labour day, that was rather sad. As stated before, these are just my opinions but I'd start working Williams. This year is over, time to start working on next year.

Jason Maas has been a third string qb since his days in Edmonton. He never had what it takes to lead the ticat squad or any other for that matter. He's playing injured which is easy to see by the way the ball bobbles on the back end of every pass. He's not the future of this team. The cats should have invested the time and effort in Eakin. But they spent so much money on Maas, they had and continue to have no choice but to play him.


Maas needs not only taller receivers but wider ones too. Who else to catch those balls thrown too far ahead or too far behind receivers?

An Argo fan

I think he needs slower receivers, how dare DJ run so fast that Maas had to throw the ball up and show up his QB by being too open...lol

yeah, it was a short pass.....we've all realized that....your point of grinding Maas's face in it is what exactly?

....we get the point (for the hundreth time) is what I'm saying....this is way past the point of criticism now....it's cruel and heartless...the guy is having a rough time...we know that and I'm all for getting the back-ups in there to take some heat off....but trying to endlessly humiliate the guy is simply bad form...

Ive defended Maas all season and i'll continue to defend him to a degree... this season isnt entirely his fault, but he has made his share of bad throws.

We have every right to call out players and their performances....

"Cruel and heartless"
Where was all this compassion with DMAC last year?

Well stated Tiggercatfan!

The right side of the O line can use some shoring up ,hard to throw when thats the case.

Darren Flutie cracked me up with his description of the Tackle on the O line giving the D lineman the OLE as he runs by him like the bull past the Matador :smiley: ,cracked me up,I bet that came from Danny Mac ,one with a real crazy sense of humour....


I think you have it a bit as backwards. It isn't the fans who are humiliating Mass, it's Maas humiliating Mass.

An Argo fan