Why is John Avery still on the Argos?

I don't understand this. I could be wrong, but is he not the league's highest paid BACKUP running back? He's the backup to Jamel White.

I don't think he has shown that much in his time in Toronto. Jeff Johnson is better. It just seems to me that he's worth more trouble than he's worth to the Argos. If he was released, I honestly don't see what other team would sign him. Considering that the likes of Troy Davis and Josh Ranek or even Antonio Warren are available...I don't think any other team would want Avery.

Maybe some Argo fan could enlighten me. Unless Avery took a big pay cut recently, I just don't get why they would keep him when he's not even the starter anymore.

the argos are waiting to get another non-import offensive linemen(cant remember who), then they will probably add avery to their backfield.