Why is Joe McKnight still listed on the Rider roster ?

I'm just wondering if anybody else has noticed that Joe McKnight is still currently listed on the Riders roster on their team web site . My son 2ez brought it to my attention earlier today while we were talking on the phone. Hopefully it's just an oversight on CFL.ca's part in updating the off season roster but one would think that with Joe's unfortunate passing that out of respect for him that his name would be removed considering that it's been a month and a half since he was sadly gunned down and murdered.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/players/joe-mcknight-2/160114/]http://www.riderville.com/players/joe-m ... -2/160114/[/url]

It is odd. I noticed the same thing but I could have sworn he was off the roster listing at one point soon after. Perhaps I am mistaken or perhaps someone said they acted too fast in the removal of his name.

Off season, likely none of the teams rosters are updated.

several rosters have been updated several times.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence?

But Durant is NOT listed so they have updated the site in the past month.

Yeah I get it!

The only reason I could see for continuing to list him on the roster would be to allow payments or other contractual settlements to be made to his estate.

Otherwise it is just administrivia catching-up with reality.

Maybe out of respect??