Why is Ivor Wynne Stadium worse that a Jail

The city and Ticats should be ashamed of the facilities at the stadium. The sinks do not even work nor is there hot water. If you wont pay for better facilities then why not get some hand sanitizers. It is really embarassing.

Sorry, I've never been to jail, so I can't say either way.

But I have peed in a trough at Fenway Park though.

But really, is it that bad? Sure if you compare it to other new stadiums, but Ivor Wynne is a lot older than most, and besides, it should motivate you to get out of washroom as quickly as possible and get back to watching the action on the field. Or in the stands if it's Labour Day.

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Is this Doug Brown again?

could be kenton keith comparing the accomodations............

Ive never been to jail either but come on. In defense of the team, it is a city owned stadium and the visitors room is legendary for being a dump hole but the washroom is for the fans...

...I wouldn't want it any other way!!
Actually, I don't find it that bad. I've been to a lot of old stadiums and arenas (Tiger Stad., Comisky, Chicago Stad., Municiple...etc...) and Ivor Wynne definitely holds its own.

Ohhh, and don't diss those sinks. I'll have you know that I've peed in them before!

Hand sanitizer comes in two ounce bottles. I'm sure you can sneak one by the "Water bottle Police" at the gate.

Overpriced beer.

answer to the title question is....


hyuk hyuk hyuk :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

8) As you said, it is a city owned facility, so blame the City of Hamilton, and your local politicians !!
 Do you expect the TiCats to pay for everything in that place  ???

 Boy, what next  !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I would rather watch a game with amazing atmosphere and sight lines at IWS than the pristine washrooms at Rogers Centre....and then sit in that awful stadium.

Unless you had the runs.

Actually let me rephrase that

Unless you were the first to have the runs...

I didn't know we went to a football game to complain about where we pee. Get over it. Can we hear more complaints about going to games??????? On the brighter side it is the best place to watch a football game. The atmosphere just walking to the game and being so close to the action in the 30th row. Can't beat it. But hey that 30 second pee just ruined my whole night. Boo hoo. Or 30 minute depending on how many beers you had.

When they pay less to rent the place than your local high school does,don't infer that the cats pay for everything down there

8) And if it was not for Bob Young putting so much of his own money into that old stadium for improvments, your local high school teams would be playing in a dump !!!! :roll:

In all seriousness, I love it there.
I love walking up to the stadium and seeing those north side stands overhanging the street. The way the concourse is lit…everything.

Then coming out the runway and seeing the brilliantly green turf. To me, the stadium complements the field, and the game of football, just perfectly.

Without a doubt, IWS is the best place to see a CFL game....BAR NONE!

The Cfl is about moderation, not excess...the players don't drive to games in Hummers (at least most of them. Many work at other jobs in the off season. The CFL is about bad weather and Banjo Bowls, Labour Day Classics and regional rivalrys. CFL stadiums dont have retractable roofs or fancy plumbing. CFL football is bundling up in Nov. and watching your team battle for the grey cup.

Lining up to pee is part of what we are.....eating cold hotdogs and drinking warm beer is what we are all about.

A real CFL fan doesn't care.

If you want perfect weather and perfect antiseptic stadiums.......go to the NO FUN LEAGUE

NICE POST :thup:

i couldn't agree more with what you just said