Why is it that our media is that bad

I'm sorry but does our media, in this case sports media do zero research and fact checking??
Dominick Dorsey ran a FG back last night in the TO game. I have seen the highlights of it multiple times on TSN, and each time I saw it they said that it was Dorsey's first game in the CFL. WRONG. It was his first game with Toronto. He has played about 10 games now. He was a Rider for a full season (I think it was the whole season, I'm not a journalist I don't have to check this stuff out).

Just one example of them sucking, but there is not a week that goes by that I cringe at some story getting a major fact wrong. Step it up people.

He was a Rider for longer than that…

I noticed that Dorsey thing too. Stupid Cuthbert.

Well, not that I'm defending him, but there's a chance he could have misspoken and meant it was his first game with Toronto. Maybe...

...or his first game of the season?

That too.

I have no idea how some of these idiots get jobs in sports. Last night, on The Fan 960 (Calgary Sports Station), whoever was doing the sports updates stated that both Edmonton AND Calgary were last in their divisions. How the do you work in sports, and not realize that geographical rivals are in the same division?!

Cuthbert said first Td return didn't he?

I think he said a TD return in his first CFL game. Could be wrong though.

He said first game. I remember being confused thinking, "I thought he used to play in Saskatchewan..." After a couple of minutes I finally assumed he meant first in Toronto, because I couldn't be bothered thinking about it anymore.

geez, let's not start ragging on Cuthbert. He's the best we got and so far superior doing CFL PBP over Rod Black, Steve Armitage or Mark Lee, it ain't funny!

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. It was Dorsey's first Argo TD, first kick return TD, first missed field goal return for a TD, or whatever.

I wasn't actually talking about Cuthbert. I didn't see it live, so I didn't hear what he said. It was on Sportscenter that they said it was his first cfl game. There was no way to misconstrue it, they meant it was his first game ever. And they said it everytime it was shown, which was probably about 5 times.

Well, the guy who's working with Holly Horton does come across as somewhat of a pantload to begin with.

That's right, it was during SportsCentre. Sorry, Chris; and Invader I agree with you: he's the best PBP guy we've got.