Why is it taking SO long for a CFL video game?!

Seriously- how many more freakin' YEARS are we going to have to wait for them to get going on this?

3 more years?
5 more years?
10 more years?

I know this subect has been brought up before, but this particular thread was influenced by the popular "Why can't anyone in this country build a stadium?" that now has 6 pages of replies.

Look; I know it costs a great deal of money to make, market, and distribute a decent video game for the next-generation consoles these days. But the CFL is a profitable company is it not?

Do the risks really outweigh the benefits?

Is it not insulting to the CFL and its fans that there are beach volleyball games, Arena Football games, Rugby games, soccer games, CRICKET (for Xbox 360.. no joke! http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/769/769605p1.html ), NCAA games, boxing, snowboarding.... etc.

Heck there are even MINI-GOLF and TABLE TENNIS video games coming out for the Xbox 360 in the near future!

I suggest the CFL takes a chance on this. Approach a Canadian developer and ask them what it will take to get one of these games made for PS3/Xbox/PC and/or Wii.

Even if the company projected to LOSE money on such a venture, I feel the CFL could compensate them for any potential losses because it will have exposed the MADDEN generation to the CFL product. And it's a no-brainer that that will attract new fans. New paying fans.

And isn't that what the CFL's goal should be every year?

Why are they taking SO LONG to do something here? And if it's "not feasible" or "not worth their time" or "something they're not looking at", why haven't they said anything?

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Beach volleyball games have the potential to have hot (albeit pixelated) girls in bikinis in them which sells well with the main video game market. The CFL players are great athletes but I can safely say very few people want to see Ricky Ray or Anthony Calvillo in bikinis

Ok, cool. Now explain CRICKET, RUGBY, ARENA FOOTBALL, and PING PONG games - but no CFL game.

ping pong is meant more to show off the consoles capabilities than it is to be a huge seller.

Rugby is actually quite popular abeit somewhat underground. While I was in CEGEP we had a full rugby team both mens and womens but only a women's hockey team and NO football team. In university we have 1 football team but 2-4 rugby teams (mens and womens).

Arena football is more popular in the United States than the CFL and even if it just a small market for that game a small market in the united states is still fairly large.

Cricket is kinda baffling Ill admit

Arena league football is not really popular.

the CFL draws more then the arena bowl.

The arena bowl should be drawing for across the states and the arena
Heck the arena bowl in 2006 didn't even sell out, only 13-14K fans in an 18K seat arena.

When was the last time a grey cup was at under 80% stadium capacity? 1998? the grey cup that was rushed to winnipeg and still marked a success considering how hurried everything was to put together(Still had over 34K fans)
and actually was a pretty good game too.

The arena league averages under 1M viewers(per game in 2006), and had 700K fans watch the 2006 arena bowl.

This is a league that has what.. half the average amount of fans per game? say 15K fans per game compared to 29K+ in the CFL.

the CFL has 8 teams and had over 2.2M people to their games in 2006.(29.3K average per game)

the AFL has 19 teams and had a total of 1.8M people to their games in 2006.(12.4K average)

Both leagues have fans being counted multiple times.
if all fans are season ticket holders:
AFL = 235.6K fans
CFL = 234.4K fans(add Ottawa for 23K fans, add 3K fans on MTL's waiting list)

For each league add possible expansion teams, however AFL needs 2 expansion cities to equal 1 CFL.

So London, QBC, Atlantic canada cancel out atleast 6 possible AFL markets.

This is for fan base for a game, Providing there is a french version, New Brunswick and Quebec should sell 200K+ copies combined.

I'm going by the fan base of 800K+ football fans in Quebec(french speaking) alone.
To think that 10% of the fans(over 4M) who watched the grey cup won't buy a game seems odd.


Sales will go down greatly if it is a yearly game, as people won't want to dish out 50$ a year for a game without a major difference, however sales should be consistent for a new game being released every 2-4 years(so decent differences game to game)

Add in the game things like ability to expand the league, a completely different system that includes the Neg list + CIS draft would be huge.
an NFL factor would be hard to put in, but just the import/non-import ratio bit makes a dynasty mode so much different then other games, along with a soft cap.

This game is marketable, if Cricket can sell a game, so can the CFL.

I have no doubt that cricket has fans, but that Cricket has alot of Gamer fans seems really odd to me.

How cricket can be made into a good console game.. not sure, Rugby can rugby can be a very solid console game, and soccer is a great console game but cricket?

...do you guys not think that companys like EA have marketing departments whose sole purpose is to propose games based on the highest chance of a successful return, and that they have already looked at the CFL and determined that the risk is too high?....jets'07, call EA and ask them what their schedule is to release a CFL video game and they'll tell you 'never, we would not reap any profit in doing so'....

....and boys, while cricket for XBOX might be strange here in North America, I'll bet you every console of the potentially hundreds of thousands in India has a copy.....

Lets not forget that the first ever video game was a ping pong game aka Pong made by the Atari Corp.

I suggest the CFL approach BioWare (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BioWare), the Edmonton-based gaming company, about creating a game if EA is unable or unwilling to do it.

It seems to me though that EA would be the best and least expensive way to go. They already have all the basic software and artwork available. They just need to tweak it for the CFL.

Apparently the Commish is aware of the need so I'm sure he'll try and make it happen.

re-t seems to me though that EA would be the best and least expensive way to to. They already have all the basic software and artwork available. They just need to tweak it for the CFL.
EA Maden series - is nfl property, any other game software, would not do the cfl justice. these are two reasons why we dont have a cfl video game Yet.-- Someone out there has to produce it, (?who produced the Montana (talking )game?

How are you proposing are all these rich people in india?

Canadian GDP - 1.165 Tillion(2006) - pop 33M
Indian GDP - 4.042 Trillion (2006) - pop 1.1B

Which Country likely has Richer Youths able to spend money on video games?
The game could sell a cricket game in india, but you aren’t going to be able to sell it for 35-40$ USD per, your likely going to sell it for 10-15$ USD

in canada you can sell a CFL game for atleast 40$ USD per pop.

I have no doubt EA has done their reviews of the market, I’m just not sure it’s correct.

Lots of video game makers review the markets and are really far off at times.
There are video game flops all the time, and there are video games that do great out of nowhere.

Final Fantasy 7, it came out of nowhere at all(in north america) the fans that game had for the first 6 games(3 in North america) wasn’t near the amount post FF7. where did all these people appear from?

Same goes for some games that were hits and kinda died off.(Pacman was one of those which was a complete flop going to atari)
Prince of Persia(warrior within 2004)

Daikatana (Eidos Interactive, 2000)
cost 25M to make + 3 years. If that game broke even I’d be suprised.
There is a good list of Flops, the big issue with a CFL game, is the market is fairly secure.

it’s either going to have minor losses or decent returns.
Providing the game is an EA quality game like NCAA and Madden + has the basic expectations(full CFL rules, a decent Dynasty mode)
Year 1 should have atleast 300K copies sold, meaning EA can make a profit.
I’d expect 500K+ and if EA wants to play it safe, RELEASE IT FOR PC!
lol, I’d prefer it be for a console but PC is pretty safe most people who have a console have a PC.

Barnes, you really have no idea do you?

The biggest source of software engineers for Microsoft is India. India has more middle class people than the population of Canada…!!!

Ok so you do not believe me about India, what about the fact that there are many other countries that are fanatical about cricket… Pakistan, Sri Lanka… Ok maybe these still do not count in your mind, how about Jamaica? Or the other Carribian countries? Still do not work for you? OK how about Australia, New Zealand and the UK? DO these places count?

I love the CFL but the fact is that far more people follow cricket than the CFL and yes even far more people able to pay for a game…

The fact of the matter remains.....
If one of the gaming companies thought they would make money, they would have already made the game!
The fact that they haven't tells you they know they wont!

I don’t recall the actual number, the cost to fund a video game is into the millions of dollars.
Does someone know the actual number?
With this start up cost, the old return on investment is always factored in.
Which begs the question, why couldn’t the league pay for the start up cost and share “profit” with the game distributor.

....so here is one of the most, if not THE most, successful gaming software company on the planet, but because they do not make a game you specifically want, they're idiots......gotcha....

....you're right, it's called a 'calculated risk', and the third option to compliment the two you have mentioned is producing a game that is GUARANTEED to flop, financially speaking....they don't make ANY of those ones...

.....lol, where do you dream these numbers up?....at your modest side (300K) thats 37,500 units per team (assuming the total CFL fan base is equally spread over eight teams)....you're saying that EA could reasonably expect to sell more game units than people who actually GO TO THE GAMES?!?!....I bet you'd have trouble unloading 500 units per team....hell, I'll even go 10x that, 5,000 units per team, 40,000 total, tops, and thats a no-go from the beancounters, no matter how much you want this to happen....

Lets assume you are correct and they will make a profit of 500K
How do we know that it is enough of a profit for them to bother?
If they have a choise to invest X amount of dollars along with X amount of manpower, How do we know that they cant get double or triple that by producing a different game?
Again! If they felt it was worth their time and money they would have produced it long ago!

At last count, Madden 06, sold over 1.7 million copies in the US. If a CFL game sells as well in Canada, that is roughly 170,000 copies. At $60 ? a pop, that's $10.2M, peanuts to a player like EA.

To make a game from scratch would be very expensive. That's not what's needed here. Gaming engines already exist that can handle football. The development costs would not be that high. I'll wager a company such as EA would turn a profit with 10K units sold.

You are missing the point!

Tell you what!
Send me $10,000 and I will personally guarantee you a 1% return on your investment!
That's $1000 profit each and every year!
Why would you not do that?
Well, 1 reason is that you could stick it in the bank and get 3%
It is the same with a video game!
Why would any company invest any money for a 1% return when they know that could invest it and get 3%,5%,10% or even more!
That is why there is no CFL video game and probably wont be one......They can, and will make more money investing in more PROFITABLE games!

lol, RO I meant 500K+ copies sold, not a profit.

Leeing, Middle class by Canadian standards or by the standards of india?

Because that requires a income of what? 40-50K USD per year?

"Despite significant economic progress, a quarter of the nation's population earns less than the government-specified poverty threshold of $0.40/day."

~250M earning 150$ per year(USD)
now that lowers the average greatly.

Only 65%? can read(literacy rate) so 650M.

Now can someone find, the amount of people in india that Earn over 25K USD per year?

I have absolutely no doubt ther are people in india that buy video games, I'm just thinking that there are more rich kids in Canada that spend their money on those games in canada.

I can't see huge numbers of people spending their money on xbox's/PS2 and a huge number of them buying a cricket game.

There is going to be some.
It does sound odd, but the market for video games is likely bigger in canada then india.

not asia, Japan is huge market right now.

and India could change and be a huge market in a few years, they just aren't there YET.
They have the pop, but they don't have the money.

Anyone been to india?
How much does 1000 Indian Rupees get you?

the top tickets of 2.2K seats(in a 18K seat stadium) 37.5$(USD) down to 2.5$(USD) for the cheap seats.

this is for a India vs. west indies match at Motera stadium(2002)
ticket prices surely went up, But to spend money = to the top ticket prices?
the cricket game went for like 30 Euros = 40$ USD

Is there any sport where people buy the game for more then top end tickets?

That's like NHL 2007 getting sold for 150$ CAD
CFL game getting sold for 80-100$ CAD

not using top top ticket prices like the Als or Leafs as those would be alot higher, 120+ for top Als tickets and 200$+ for top leafs tickets

I could be wrong and there could be hundreads of thousands of people willing to drop what 25% of the nation makes in 100 days on a game.
Don't think so.

How many people are willing to spend 10%+ of the average income of their nation on a video game?
there will be some really rich people, but that doesn't tend to be a high enough % of the population to work.

Compare to Japan Per capita income is pretty close to Canada, so it makes sense how that 127M people make a strong game market.

First of all $10M is NEVER peanuts to ANY company.

Second, I'm not missing any point, I'm making my own.

Third, 1% of $10K is $100 dollars - take some arithmetic lessons.

Fourth, profit is not necessarily relative. If there is profit in re-purposing existing material with minimal expense then it still adds to the bottom line. It just takes commitment and marketing. With the right marketing, perhaps even a bundle with something else, a CFL could certainly be profitable. And that's the bottom line as long as the risk is manageable.