Why Is It So Hard

Why is it other teams like BC Edmonton Sask Winnipeg can come up with quarterbacks all the time, even third stringer who are also doing the job, and we havent had a good one since Danny Mac back in 98.

Where is a 3rd Stringer doing the job???

And...McManus played well after '98 here(like'99 when he won the Grey Cup and was league MVP...and beyond).

I have found the QB position to be so-so this year. I think that is part of the reason for the lower scoring games so far.

This pattern of play is typical of strangers from a foreign land

when they start their first CFL game at QB
even after apprenticing for several years. [ See below ]

TSN: The Lions were forced to start third-string quarterback
Jarious Jackson because of injuries to Dave Dickenson
and Buck Pierce.

Jackson, who came off the bench three times this season
to preserve Lions wins, showed some flashes but struggled
in his first CFL start.

He completed 16 of 38 passes for 183 yards,
threw one touchdown pass but was intercepted
three times.

‘‘They gave us different looks,’’ said Jackson. ‘’

It seemed like one minute we were going
and the next minute we were struggling
a little bit.’’

Coach Kent Austin said the Riders
didn’t want to take any chances
against Jackson.

‘‘We needed to mix it up,
we needed to contain him,’’

said Austin.

''He’s a very athletic quarterback
with a strong arm.

''They made some plays but
our guys always responded.


Of course, our Timmy could be
a completely different story

but Jarious does have the advantage
over him because he has invested
3 years learning the CFL game
on the roster of the BC lions

after having invested four seasons
with the Denver Broncos and one year
with NFL Europe in Barcelona
where he went to the 2001 World Bowl.

It is the lack of depth at the QB position that is my biggest concern with the ubiquitous threads on the E topic.

If you were the GM of a team preparing for an expansion draft, and these were your choices for QB, how would you feel:

Jarious Jackson
Barrick Nealy
Stephen Jyles
Darian Durant
Cliff Kingsbury
Richie Williams
Mike McMahon
Brad Banks.

Slim pickings...........

The BC QBs didn't look too good last night.

Kurt Klingon

Its called Jason Maas!!!!!