Why is it a 4:00 oclock start this saturday?

I want to come down from Muskoka to see the game but it seems like an awkward start time. Guess we will buy supper at the game. Maybe thats the intent?

Or you could eat at 7pm....after the game.

Well we couldnt have it at 1:00 because then in Saskatchewan it would be like 10:00 A.M (i think)

but yea you could just eat after the game. My “possy” is heading down to the states after the game for some Pizza and Wings at the Anchor Bar (which is a great place btw, best pizza i have ever had)

Just another excuse to black out the game...

They want to take advantage of the daylight and the warm weather.
But the real reason is that TSN has auto racing scheduled at 7PM

A perfect time, in my opinion!!
Gonna be sweet!!


Start tailgating early, and then have another BBQ after the game.

This season is all about TSN and forget about the CFL fan. Bob says he wants families to come out to games. So we have three Thurs. night games, two Sat. games at 4 (so either pay the ransom the concession charge or go home and eat late) and even the Labour Day game is at 7pm. My wife works in Toronto and with commuting time this schedule has taken us right out of the seats. I'm not going to a game that only allows me 5 hours of sleep before work. The fan is the big loser to the TSN schedule. You might retain the die-hards but the soft fan will not put up with this ridiculous schedule.

Good grief. I guess you can't please everyone.

Don't a lot of NFL games start at four pm?

Personally, I welcome our new TSN over-lords.

Don't presume to speak for the fans, because you don't.

I take my family, no problem.

Sorry it didn't work out for you this year, but don't think Bob owes you anything.

Just a thought regarding the schedule.

Thursday night games may be more
family-friendly than weekend games.

People who normally drink too much
may control themselves a bit

if they have to work the next day.

4 games per week start at 4 pm eastern. They are west coast teams mostly, unless the network wants to put on a marquee matchup. For example, New England, Green Bay, Dallas, or other teams that draw good ratings regardless of time slot wind up at 4pm often. Thankfully those teams exist so fans aren't forced to watch Arizona vs. San Fran snooze-fests.

Not a big fan of the Thursday night games (because of my work schedule-days and afternoons)Weekday games ,in general,will draw less fans.Look at the Blue Jays and the Bulldogs for eg.


I think we have found the biggest whiner on this site!
Maybe you should have called the schedule makers earlier in the year to tell them what works best for you!

Yes quit your complaining, just be thankful you don't live in Vancouver, they start all their games at 10PM, whats up with that!!

why must edgefest be the same day as the cats moving to 2-1????

8) Ahhh, that starting time in BC would be 7pm there, not 10pm !!! You know there is a 3 hr time difference from here to there !!!!! :roll:

Boy... tough audience here tonight. Biggest whiner 'cause the poor guy finds the schedule messes with him. Hey, it could happen to any of us.

Let's face it, it IS a seemingly odd schedule compared to what we've had in the past. It doesn't mess with me very much - though I probably don't like the 4 pm starts that much either because that takes most of the day but it's manageable(I live over an hour away) - but it CAN hurt some people. The guy needs to vent for a bit.

No, becuase he's saying it's an anti fan schedule because it doesn't work for [b]him[/b].

oh gawd - my sense of humour/sarcasm must have gone over your head!!