Why is Haywood still unsigned?


Is there something I don’t know about Jerome Haywood? For the past few seasons, he’s been like my favourite player on your roster. It amazes me how such a short guy (5’9") can do this much damage. He’s like those tiny sidewalk snowplows.

How can this guy still be available? Is he demanding too much? Or is Forrest Gregg sleeping on the job.

The way your team has been pillaged over the last two offseasons, it would mean alot to keep guys like Haywood while you still can. No?

Management has already said that they have no plans on bringing back Cromartie, Haywood, and Vaughn.

haywood had a good first season but has not improved at all and has even dropped abit in skill level in my opinion. but they better think of resigning vaughn cause they got screwed over with hebert

The police in the States has said that Hebert’s status will not impede him from playing football… meaning he will be back…

personally, i think that Haywood is overrated. he's basically done nothing over the past 2 seasons that would warrant the team resigning him. that's just my opinion