Why is everyone Wanting the CFL to FAIL!?

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Lions+afford+ignore+Whitecaps/2267612/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Lions ... story.html[/url]

Another artical talking about a way the CFL will fail!

I'd pay no mind. If anything CFL is growing and so are amateur football programs, which only encourages future growth and quality Canadian players.

I think the better question is why do CFL fans keep giving these people the time of day?

i didn't see anything wrong about it!

Cuz like all good Canadians we are defensive about national institutions.

Article is laughable. From beginning to end. But it shows how little faith soccer fans have in their ability to develop their own fans. They think people will abandon a sport they've followed their whole life to help soccer succeed.

Whitecaps are already in Vancouver, the only thing that will change is tickets will be more money and they will likely lose more games.

The only way the MLS ends up in Montreal is if Joey "The Cheese" Saputo convinces the MLS to takes his team to play on turf at the BigO and leave the stadium he built with his money. He's already received a very loud NO to his request for public money to expand his own building.

The chances of Canadian Football fans trading in their tickets for "footsy" tickets are about as slim as them taking up Cricket.

Soccer fans are martians...

MLS will come to Montreal but it wont affect the Als at all

Soccer will never be a big enough sport in Canada. It really won't be one of the major sports in North America. It's just not one of our sports. Basketball has a hard enough time in Canada. Whose going to switch from Football to Soccer? Going from a game of contact to a game of no contact is a big jump.

I find Soccer boring with no scores. all passes.

That article was comical at best. So let me get this straight, people are suppose to abandon the Lions who have been in the province since '54 for a team that's been in the city already for decades but is simply switching to another league?


The columnist has got to get a clue. And he says the CFL has been through up and downs, which is true but fails to mention that soccer is what it is in north america, and has never really experience all that great of success.

I dont doubt that the Whitecaps will do well. Having said that it's ludicrous to believe that a team already in the market place is going to surpass the Lions. Absurd.

The chances of Canadian Football fans trading in their tickets for "footsy" tickets are about as slim as them taking up Cricket

Exactly Hf. I don't care if the most high profile person in Hollywood owns a soccer team, it's football to me all the way. Even if the Ticats went belly up and Hamilton had a MLS team owned by Mr. Hollywood himself, I'd be getting on the football bus to go to Bills games in Buffalo and CIS Maurader games in Hamilton. I just am not into soccer, period. But the article is a good read because the author is trying to raise controversy regardless if he actually agrees with what he's written.

And BTW, I wish all the best for all the MLS and all soccer teams in Canada, don't wish bad at all to them. It's just not my bag that sport as a spectator sport.


that was not in any way an anti CFL column. Simply speculation that if leos are not diligent, they could be challenged by the whitecaps for ticket buyers. More a warning than anything. He has a couple of points too. Soccer is catching on slowly in North America. Not for nothing is it the worlds number one sport. World soccer is very important in vancouver and if Whitecaps were to become a major team in a major league, there could easily be enough fans to rival the lions.

Your last point is fine. But Soccer will not grow at the expense of the Lions. That's like saying a LaCrosse team is going to endanger the Canucks...

Agree FYB but one thing I actually "like" about that rivalry if people want to look at it as such is lets compare it with, in a way, what happened in Toronto when the Blue Jays came on board. I agree, the Blue Jays did become more of "the show" in Toronto bringing in teams from the New Yorks, Chicagos, Detroits, Bostons etc. high profile cities with high profile baseball teams. And probably took some Argo fans and yes, entertainment money only goes so far. But the Argos did survive, barely yes, but did. The Lions will survive too but yes, can't take anything for granted, there will be a new sports entertainment boy in town. But at the end of the day when all the hype is done, and Toronto has learned this with MLB, it's still baseball and soccer will still be soccer. The CFL entertainment and historical iconic package with it is pretty tight as long as ownership is very decent and at least very good. And you've got the Grey Cup.

But what also, lets just say the CFL did die in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto whereever else in Canada because of the MLS, well, we still have the Grey Cup championship that will live on forevever with a CIS or CIS/junior championship. That is important, the Grey Cup is far bigger than the CFL. Also, conceivably, the CFL could even turn into a soccer football entity and again, you still have the Grey Cup championship. Football, Canadian football, has evolved from rugby and a bit from soccer (from the US) as history shows and is still developing and who knows what the final end result will be. What I do know is it won't be baseball. Thank goodness.

I don't see what it matters. The Grey Cup is this Sunday, and you guys are complaining about some lame ass article. :lol:

Not complaining Chief, just doing some mind gymnastics here. :stuck_out_tongue: