why is earnest jackson still not playing this week?

He's not on the depth chart for the Edmonton game, even though Scott "hands of stone" Mitchell is!

How many additional weeks of practice does Jackson need!

Go Ticats

mitchell su.cks
he hassnt done a thing all year

He's our leading receiver. and will probably average 900 yards this season.. Not bad for a rookie IMO.

Rodriguez is maybe a little bit better but other than that I haven't seen anyone else on the cats who can surpass him on the depth chart.

The cats haven't hit bottom yet, but they will with Marcell at the helm. Give it a few weeks. Marcell's a nice family man and evrybody knows nice guys finish...well you know. Good luck against the Eskies, your going to need it.

You tell us. I am not Columbo.

One thing I do know is that Obie was very high on him
and Charlie is gone now so who is left, Ron Lancaster?

Man did you not just read what I wrote.

Obie is calling the shots.

of course hes our leading reciever hes started in 10 games.....meanwhile Rodriguez has played in 7....miles missed a few games due to injury.....and bauman....missed the first 2 games due to injury and has only started in 4 or 5 games.....Woodcock has only started in a few games,,,,,so of course mitchell will be our leading reciever.

and when you look at Mitchell's stats he hasnt been all that productive at all....he has zero TD Catches and has just 22 catches in 10 starts...thats just over 2 catches per game....and he has just 424 yards....that is an average of 42 recieveing yards per game...which means he is on pace for 763 yards in 18 games.....

in terms of production per start, JoJo Walker has been our best reciever...in just 3 starts JoJo has 18 catches for 262 yards....this means that JoJo walker is averaging 6 catches for 83 yards per game.

to put that into perspective....if JoJo were to start 18 games....he would have 108 catches for 1507 yards....

Whether you are right or not,
you don't have be rude about it.

I thought that is what you were intimating,
did you not just read what I wrote, cmw1612,

In case you didn't understand,
for what it is worth, cmw1612,

I expressed a fact which is
contrary to your contention.


I hope your brother doesn't suffer the same fate
as Zeke Moreno because of your public comments.

[or worse]

Your stats on Jo Jo are from 4 games and not 3....re-do your math

i said on a per start basis, JoJo has only started 3 games

Maybe He get lucky and get to Leave
Cause when a player leaves Hamilton the learn how win
Look at X Ticats who are Winning else where.
Jojo has been best WR this year.
How is Repaid put on Practice Roster
Miles is still playing and he been a Bust..

8) He should be ready to go in the last game of the season !!
 Then if he doesn't show anything in that game, he will be released during the off season, because he does not have enough experience !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Goes to show you Obie must not be calling all the shots. During training camp he was extremely high on Jackson, comparing him to Claremont. Why isnt he playing them.