WHY is BRADLEY ROBINSON not starting instead of BUHL?

I am not from Edmonton but am a fan of this team. I like their offense and think it can be POTENT and lethal when everyone is healthy-

However the Edmonton Defense particulary in the secondary is a major issue for me.

Jante BUHL clearly showed vs CALGARY that he has no idea how to play Defensive Halfback in the CFL, Copeland used and abused him all game. He didnt even guess or anticipate one single pass. His techique is horrible, he never turns around for the ball and was singled out by Burris and they picked on him the whole game.

The last drive CGY QB burris completed a 2nd and 10 vs BUHL who again was not looking for the ball. Then Buhl gets burned again on 2nd and 15 yards to go, then he gets beat again on a throw behind.
Copeland is good but come on he is guardable, you cant let him catch 11 catches for 177 yards.

I saw Bradley Robinson play corner last year in BC vs the LIONS and he was covering PARIS JACKSON one of the best receivers in the league. Put it this way, I have never seen a more athletic player in the league than Bradley Robinson, he was on Parris's hip and made one of the best interceptions I have seen.

There is no way that Bradley Robinson should not be a starter in the secondary and covering the other teams best receivers-

Buhl has to go very fast, along with maybe KEYES, he doesent seem to be doing much.

The starting lineup should be-- GOSS and KEYES on corners---- Lenny Williams and Bradley Robinson at halfbacks-- Or if they want to keep Malveaux at halfback, then put Robinson at Corner to replace KEYES--

BUHL should be cut asap and keyes should be a backup used sparingly.

Offense is amazing- no changes there- Whitlock is turning out to be a star-- STAMPS is money, MO MANN is money, KAMAU is great, RECTOR looks good out there--

I think they have the players, even switch GOSS with Robinson if they want and move goss back to halfback, but ROBINSON must be starting and BUHL should be CUT----

Robinson is still getting over an injury and has not been ready to play yet this year IIRC. But he should be back in the lineup when healthy. Agreed that a replacement for Buhl is ABSOLUTELY needed. Malveaux hasn't been too good this year either. I'm willing to give a little more slack to Keyes because he is a rookie and has been forced into starting or playing a significant portion of a few games due to injuries. I like that he is a fairly physical DB and to be honest we don't really have many of those.

The ESKS have GOSS who is a great corner, CGY tried going deep on him numerous times early on but he is always near his man. He is never too far off from the receiver. He actually makes plays and blocks passes down..

Malveaux is old but can use his experience to his advantage and has the brains to play somewhere in the defense.

Buhl on the other hand has no instincts and is basically a guy that can tackle the receiver, they run simple routes on him, ONE CUT no double moves and he stands there like a dummy..

If the ESKS can put together a better secondary with Williams and Robinson and safety Gordon back in the lineup they will be deadly-

Imagine if they can stop the opposition 2 and out lets say 3 series in a row, with this offense they can blow any game wide open and win in blowout fashion--

The offense is great, but if they get a D to complement it, they will be better beacuse the other team will get tired, and they can get over 40 easily in games- If the D actually makes some turnovers can you imagine-

This team can win it all if they shore up the secondary vs the Pass---

It is much too easy to march it down the field vs Edmonton. Burris could not do much vs Toronto and WInnipeg but yet he looked like the best he has been all season vs Edmonton throwing 18 times to LEWIS and COPELAND--

2 receivers in the CFL who are not speedsters should not beat your Defense for 18 catches especially when you know 80% of passes are coming to them--

Ritchie Hall needs to make changes and put athletes in the secondary and not guys like Buhl and malveaux who are slow and always a step behind the receiver.

The Esks owe most of their success so far this season to special teams and their offence. The defence is pathetic, and Ricky Ray will not always be able to match a 470 yard passing performance or whatever it was. Like you said, if the defence could just manage to get some freakin' turnovers we would be blowing teams out as long as our offence is clicking. We are last in the league by far in turnover +/- ratio at something like -16. Having not one single interception after 7 games this season is pathetic considering the Bombers have 15 or 16. The team should really look at bringing in a few NFL cuts to replace Buhl and possibly Malveaux if Robinson or Amos(when he's off the 9 game) don't pan out. I'd keep Malveaux on the roster as he would make a very versatile backup playing nearly all positions in the secondary and even some LB.

There is a vocal group of Buhl haters out there, thankfully Richie Hall is not one of them. Buhl may not be the greatest defender out there but he does provide leadership and does a adequate job IMHO.

Buhl's play vs Calgary was possibly the worst play I have seen in my life and I have watched thousands of games of football.

After already getting abused all game by Copeland, the last drive there is a 3rd and 10 for CGY and Burris is running backwards and throws it up for grabs and BUHL is again not looking for the ball--

CGY then has a 2nd and 15 and gets the first down against Buhl by running a square in route---

THen they go vs BUHL again on the throw behind---

The guy just didnt bring it- no GOOD halfback lets Copeland catch 11 passes for 177 yards, Copeland is older and gets shut down all the time by good DB's----

That is just a JOKE----

BUHL is not a playmaker and is just a tackling dummy- He is terrible has no technique, he defintely cannot be a halfback--

Maybe he was better at CORNER< but he cannot play halfback-- He is a big liability- They need to cut him and use ROBINSON who is a real athlete.

Calgary was playing him like a rented BUHL

Buhl should not be starting in the league he is a capable backup but definitely not a starter.

Yeah BUHL is just not a playmaker, he is a backup, keep him on the BENCH far away from starting.

First play of the game and a DEEP 45 yard TD ON BUHL----

Arland Bruce is going to get over 200 yards receiving easily if BUHL is covering him--

WHY Ritchie Hall do you play these clowns and not start Brad Robinson who can cover someone--

BUHL is the worst corner in professional football-- He was beaten so badly again and never bothered to turn around for the ball--

Bruce just blew him away when the ball was in the air--

I knew it wouldn’t be long before people started complaining about Buhl. But I have to say, he did look a little lost on that play… Bruce completely owned him on that play. His face should be quite red right now.

Was it just me or did Buhl get the interception late in the game to salt away the Eskimo win. I'm sure it was, oh and I'm pretty sure he was covering Bruce.

Yes, he did redeem himself at the end with the pick.

I was just checking to see If you had posted on this thread after the Game way to go Chief . Another great game for the CFL and the Esks as well as the Cats .

Funny Ritchie Hall, do you even look at TALENT--

First play of the season after Willaims is injured Robinson makes an athletic interception--

I have been telling everyone, this guy is amazing on defense--- All he does is make interceptions and he is a backup???

Fire Ritchie Hal, Robinson is the best athlete on this team and the best DB-- ANd he was benched in favor of Keyes and malveaux and Buhl--
Unreal how bad ritchie hall is

Well he'd better be the God you think he is on defence.

Because he sure stinks at fielding kicks. . .

You beat me to it, MadJack. :lol: I was going to see if Cobra was still going to pimp Robinson. What a disastrous play that was. It looked like he took his eyes off the ball for a second, which everyone knows you can't do!!!

He had some great punt returns after that and was not being abused on DEFENSE—

ALso he is not a punt returner, he is there for his athelticsicm, he is a DB–

Throw that wide side out and it will be intercepted by Robinons, he can cover ground and make those plays--

KEYES never made a play like that all season and Robinson makes it right away on his first play, he is a starter in this unit.