why is Boreham still a ti-cat

How is it that a 42% field goal kicker stillhas a job.Is he related to Marshall or one of the other coaches?This guy is garbage,howmany more chances does he get.Chris Martin was cut after 2 games,wake up Marshall,theres lots of guys out there who can do better than 42%.Heck i might even try out.

This guy is garbage
I hope every Tiger-Cat fan denounces this type of statement.....no Hamilton Tiger-Cat, no matter what kind of slump they are going through, is "garbage".

Come up with some creative suggestions as to how he and the team can improve. Sheesh! :roll:

How about this,

Jamie Boreham is a poor kicker, he is perhaps the worst kicker in the CFL at present time.

This team needs to use its resources in coaching and scouting to find a reliable kicker that can win us ball games and DO HIS JOB. Currently Jamie Boreham does not fit the description.

Hopefully we can find that kicker soon so we can rid ourselves of these performances and start to have our kicking be a positive of this team rather than a negative.

So i guess we shouldnt say the Argos suck.we should just chant THE ARGOS ARENT VERY GOOD.This is a football chat room not a church group,if you cant handle the language here dont read it.I guess we shouldnt chant nobody blows like an Argo either,if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen.

I agree mikey, his kicking is garbage to be more concise.

But is a poster, in the middle of a slump, allowed to say the starting QB is "washed up" and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door" or call the coach and GM "Teflon Ron" or "sub par", "childish" or conspiring to "destroy the team from the inside out"?

I agree that Jamie need ssome work this year, i am very frustrated at the fact that he is missing field goals but is everyone forgetting that he end the year with the best record in the league. i do not want to wait to long for him to find his groove but when he does he really does

Say what?

What are you talking about? Boreham finished 5th in FG percentage last year...

Yes, fifth . He finished 71.9 with the third fewest attempts.

Let's keep the discussion reality-based here.

Exactly, hardly the season some made it out to be.

I was watching the 1986 Grey Cup on ESPN Classic yesterday, funny how people talk about giving Boreham time just like we did with Oz. That was a Grey Cup and Ozzy was on fire (setting or tying a record as i recall).

Exactly...and then Ozzy went through some slumps that resulted in fans bad-mouthing him and booing him out of the stadium......then he came back with a vengeance .....and if memory serves, some really cowardly fans made life miserable for Mike Morreale too!......remember that Crash?...

Your hatred for Boreham is becoming legendary now!.....and it appears no matter what he does, you enjoy his suffering....just like fans were with Morreale a few years ago.....

(shaking my head) :roll:

Difference is Boreham has never proven himself, the comments towards Oz and Mike (football related) were semi-warrented. But keeping those players around because they can at least bounce back to the form that made them champions. CHAMPIONS.

Boreham is far from that and has never proven that he can make it on the pro level consistantly.

Are you so blind to realize my point? Oz
needed 1 season to prove himself. Jamie "Wide right" Boreham has had 3.

He's a bad kicker, so plain and simple yet you allow your friendship with him to get in the way. It ruins any credibility in your post. (Not that there's much to begin with, you admit you know nothing anyways)

Yet Ozzy himself had to join these forums to challenge you on calling him "classless" isn't a clue to you that you are acting cowardly yourself by taking the never ending cheap shots that you do?.....let's see.....so far a few that come to mind are "Katz is Desperate", "Marshall is clueless", Ozzy is Classless", Yeast is "hopeless"......any I missed?

Crash......you need to just be a fan and stop eroding the team.....a few posts out of frustration after a bad game is understandable but man......you never quit!

It's getting old and counter-productive is what I'm saying....

He is 500 on Field Goals this year

He has had 3 seasons to improve, his horrible kicking is costing us points on the board and in the end costing us games....he should have been gone a long time ago!

Troll Alert.

Once again taken a thread and ruined it with your agenda.

I realize your hope is to get all of these Boreham threads pulled, locked and throw away.

Like i said in the other thread you hi-jacked...

Dont Like it? Dont Post - End Of Story.

How the hell is Boreham suffering?

It took the team two years to finally admit he couldnt punt, despite his cheerleaders, and they still keep him employed.

The team, desperate to have some semblance of a K/P game bring in a guest coach, who discovers Boreham doesnt really know how to practice or train himself, which produces little or no difference and they still keep him

He still collects a paychecque whether he does his remaining job or not (emphasis on the latter)and gets patted on the head by his coach.

He still gets coddled by what fans he has left with all defiance of reality.

He says booing and the bringing in of competetors doesnt bother him.

So where is this "suffering"?

Chris Martin and his dependents would LOVE to be "suffering" like that now.

Boy...thin skinned eh?.....really...you gotta learn to take the "back atcha" stuff too.....deferring to the "troll" thingy is weak when it wasn't me who started the thread....as is becoming common now, I'll let you have the final word as this is stupid and isn't good debate..

have a great day.... :stuck_out_tongue:


Im the one who started this thread,and i asked how a 42% field goal kicker still has a job.I didnt ask everybody to start calling each other names.GROW UP.