Why is bombers always at the bottem when people rate teams?

I was viewing the stamps western division predictions and almost on eevryone it showed that bombers would come out last do us bomber fans think that will happen!Hell No!!

all I can say Kanga is ;you are in for one helluva’ surprise… don’t count the Big Blue out yet; cripes we haven’t even hit training camp …faith, my boy, keep the faith. I know it’s tough with all of these changes made but we are sure heading in the right direction. Read some of the early press out of EDM. that says watch out for the Bombers in 05’ they definitely have a contender… :!:

A lot of the Eskie and Rider Fans are hoping that the Bombers are not that good. The sports media in Calgary are saying different that the Bombers could be the sleeper in the west and I believe that myself. I think the Eskies and the Riders have everything to fear. Put it this way when they play the bombers this year it will not be easy for them. The same when they play the Stamps. I feel the bombers and the Stamps have improved greatly and will no longer be an easy two points for the Riders and the Eskies.

The Bombers haven’t been an easy two points for the Esks for a long time. i agree that the Stamps will be better, but am being honest when I say I don’t know enough right now about what changes have been made in Winnepeg to improve on last years team.

The improvements to the Bomber roster have been good. First and foremost with the new coaching staff. Now the old mentality of Dave Ritchie will be gone and each player will have to fight for their roster spot. It does hurt losing some guys like Eric Carter and Mo Kelly, but they will be replaced by some good young talent. Its all going to hinge on how the young guys fit into and understand the new offense and defensive schemes.

Already, just from the player signings, you can see what direction the team is headed. They added some major speed to the receiving core, also added some pass rushers that could possibly double as linebackers, and got some veteran experience were they needed it most in the secondary as well as signing some promising young guys.

We all know that Glenn will have a breakout year, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Tee Martin as the number three string behind Wynn. Wynn may even challenge for the starting position come TC.

Either way you look at it, this is an imporved team that has the talent to make some big waves in the CFL. Now to actually play like that is another question, but until we actually see the team play, there is no way of accurately predicting how any team in the CFL will do.

PS I kinda like that all the guys are counting out the Bombers this year, it’ll only make the way that we embarass some of the other teams so much sweeter.

Actually, the Riders have been an easy 2 points last year for the Bombers. We beat them like red headed step children last year. Burris is no threat to the Bombers, maybe the rest of the league, but not the Bombers.

No not even the rest of the league.

us have everything to fear? it should be you having everything to fear with all your calgary grey cup champs in 05 and riders 4-14 bull shit.

us have everything to fear? it should be you having everything to fear with all your calgary grey cup champs in 05 and riders 4-14 bull ****.[/quote

I do not believe I said that again you should read better, try a book with pictures!

Well to all you Bomber fans, don’t panic…I think your team could be a real sleeper this year. You have a good receiving corps; an excellent running back, and I think you’ve shored up the defence substantially. You won’t finish first, you may miss the playoffs, but you won’t be any pushover, and will be competitive in every game. There is no weak sister in the west, both you and Calgary have improved yourselves, so I see a playoff crossover this year, just not sure which team it’s going to be…

Most people complain about your secondary, but to me your weakness the past few years has been the O-line. Remember poor Pat Barnes? Whenever he came in he spent more time flat on his bum than standing up…and then there was Mo snapping the ball in the shotgun over the QB’s head…Khari and company needed stepladders whenever in shotgun formation, but at least you sent Mo packing.

So I think you’ll do better than last year…Kevin Glenn is still working for what passes as minimum wage, so he wants to prove he’s worth starter’s money, and if he doesn’t you have Martin and Wynn ready to go…should be an interesting year, and I think you’ll surprise a few teams this year.

Only concern I’d have is with the head coach…Daley did not exactly cover himself with glory when he was the head man in Saskatchewan, so let’s see if he’s learned from whatever his mistakes were there.

gotta agree with you MadJack about the o line…there’s lots of work to do there…hopefully some of the new guys they brought in to tc. will work out…however the secondary on D looks to be about the biggest improvement…nobody’s going to be throwing bombs at will against us, like they did last year…look for Wynn to put up some good numbers :!: …should be interesting in the west…

the bombers just plain suck…thats all…this isnt theyr year

sorry Brandon Boy2 …you’ll have to elaborate…meaning expand a bit…or err…give me something concrete to work with here…otherwise i will consider your comment to be meaning that the BOMBERS are like a vacuum cleaner …or what. :?:

reding recent coments made by daly, im not impressed , when words like expantion team and rebuilding year are used in the same sentance, weve been rebuilding since 99 , its time too win now, i like the look of the offence , bobo retiring hurts but i think this young 6 6 dude should do alright just signed him cant rember his name, but com on peeps i keep hearing all this praise for the secondary, why??? they havnt done anything, except for wes lysak, tim carter was amazing yes for what 2 games and then he was hurt all year, Omar evens??? when he got to winnipeg it was like all our concerns were met, when even fans in calgary have no clue who he is, i ve seen him play hes alight but hes also very injury prone, and the bigest dagger in my back STEPHEN FISHER give me a brake or brake something, the guy stinks, he stunk all last year and we sign him com on, if we dont smartn up were in big trouble again in the seconary, and remeber that amazing first half Maas had last year againts us well this year dunigans 713 might go down cause this time it will be Frito Ray

If you had the choice to sign:
Charles Roberts long term or Ricky Ray, not both, I’d take Roberts.

We won the Fleming deal for Khari.

Daly isn’t bad when it comes to nursing the wounded, and under Dave Ritchie there’s a lot to be healed.

As far as I’m concerned those are all positives.

Calgary on the other hand is in their rebuilding mode, where were you when former head coach Dunigan was the CFLs laughing stock.

Edmonton on the other hand sucked last year, (and gasp) their former head coach is now with (gasp) Calgary.

Bhahahaha. Give me a break BlueTeewhatever.

whats ur point, i didnt say anything about calgary, i was talking about the bombers, do u like stephen fisher? do u read the paper? cause daly SAID this team is like an expansion team and its in rebuilding year, i dont want ricky ray and richie was done here but daly did nothing in cal and was lucky to get to the grey cup with sask, do u think the secondary will do good, com man whats ur point?? i didnt say we were rebuilding get it right, go give daly a hug

It’s difficult to say how the Bombers will do, given that a lot of the guys they’ve brought in to camp have either basically been out of the game for a year, or are young guys looking to prove themselves. Personally I think their offense shows a lot of promise. People always praised Dickenson and Printers in BC, but Wynn was certainley no slouch either, I was always impressed with his performances when he came in for relief of Dickenson back when Printers was 3rd string. I’m curious to see what Martin can do as well. Those two aside, I think Glenn is a solid guy good enough to get the job done. I think we have a lot of options at receiver which is good, and you can’t go wrong with the dynamic Keith Stokes and Roberts or Regimbald in the back field. Defensively, it’ll be interesting, some veteran linebackers with something to prove, a potentially strong defensive line (Brown, Fleming, Canada, and the newly acquired Antwone Young). My biggest concerns remain with the O Line and the secondary. Lysack, Omar Evans and Tim Carter (if he stays healthy) will certainley help them out in that deparment, but they still need two solid guys back there. If this Sanford Samuels guy lives up to his reputation and maybe another guy steps in they could be decent. The O Line though is probably my biggest concern. An aging Mudge, Mike Abou-Mechrek, a banged up Sheridan, Jermese Jones who has been iffy in the past. Hopefully some of these young guys they’ve brought in can step up and our vets can stay healthy. Otherwise I feel that our potentially strong offense will take a back seat to Jon Ryan’s boot.