Why is Bell Media putting some MLS games on CTV? CFL?

OK - time for CFL fans to be a bit ticked with TSN/Bell Media.

Check out this press release about Bell Media's MLS schedule for this season.

[url=http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/mls-on-tsn-announces-expanded-2017-regular-season-broadcast-schedule-kicking-off-march-4/]http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/mls-on ... f-march-4/[/url]
Highlighting this year’s MLS ON TSN schedule is the creation of new broadcast windows, complementing the network’s slate of matches airing on Wednesday evenings. TSN delivers MLS matchups on Friday nights, [b]while CTV delivers national coverage of the MLS for the first time ever with a slate of seven marquee matchups on Saturday afternoons, beginning March 18 with an all-Canadian matchup as Toronto FC take on Vancouver Whitecaps FC[/b].
So MLS gets games on CTV? Why not the CFL?

because they are desperately grasping to draw viewership numbers and are hoping that some of those will be retained and move over to TSN to watch more. Desperation mode.

Not saying it would hurt to have the CFL on CTV now and then...but they have respectable numbers on TSN and it is a selling feature for TSN because of it. It is something that yes, might very well end up gaining a few new viewers or even subscribers....but it may also make some who have TSN primarily for CFL go "9 games a year on CTV...good enough"

this is an absolute piss off

If any games for this crap league are shown on CTV, with TV numbers worse than infomercial, this then just proves my point how absolutely stupid the CFL has been with all the TSN TV contracts not only being grossly undervalued not to mention the absence of being on CTV.
Point number two and equally as important is there is no doubt the ad agencies and CTV is purposely keeping the league down a notch from the No Funners who get cart blanche on the CTV and year round over the top coverage.

Not much we can do about it. The NFL and soccer are sexy and attractive to advertisers...the CFL, not so much. Those leagues might have a broader appeal which would better served on a legacy network.

The CFL has a devoted following who will watch the games regardless of what channel they're on. TSN likely generates a substantial share of their subscription base by being the exclusive home of CFL football. TSN gives the league first class coverage by any measure.

If TSN lost the CFL, hundreds of thousands of subscribers would immediately cancel. That won't happen with NFL or MLS viewers.

The Grey Cup is a different story. Bell should pull out all the stops to maximize the Grey Cup audience in every way possible. That includes showing the GC on CTV, TSN 1-5 & RDS with spectacular prize giveaways and promotions. :thup:

The CFL has pretty good ratings when compared to other sports on TSN.
You just have to read the comments on these boards and you will know that the majority of CFL fans only watch the CFL, they don't watch other sports. I doubt the majority of CFL fans would watch any of the other sports on TSN
Why would CFL fans subscribe to TSN if the games were on CTV? I think Bell media has done their research and figured that out.

It's an attempt to increase the MLS ratings. Because outside of the later 2 rounds of the playoffs, more specifically the eastern bracket, they were dismal.

We also don't know the terms of the new agreement more specifcaly how much Bell is paying. Since it wasn't mentioned, I would say it's not very significant and there's more likley an add revenue sharing agreement. Which would explain the CTV spots.

But yes, If I'm the CFL, I would really be looking at my options before renewal. Unless Bell wants to triple the rights fees next time, I'm looking at OTA options and frims that have a stand alone streaming service.

At this point the only thing I watch on TSN is CFL and the odd leaf game oh and World Jrs. I never have anything else on. Sportscentre just pisses me off. Sportsnet carries CHL hockey and that’s it for me on that network.

I won’t be watching soccer I tell you that much. These providers want it all. I’d ditch Bell but we don’t have many options here as we’re on a dish. My mom is 15 minutes away and has Shaw but I’m not sure about the either.

This is totally unacceptable.
In fact during one Argo game this year, I spoke to Commish Jeffrey Orridge when he came down into the stands from the box right behind my section.
I specifically brought up the undervalued property and the CTV situation.
Not only did he agree he said this was at the top of his agenda.
He was equally pissed off about how the previous administrations were so short sided.
Agreeing it would never happen on his watch with the playoffs and how the GC would never been shown on any cable network(TSN) unless simulcast with the main network(CTV).
Based on this, I think the commish should immediately make an appointment with the head of CTV and although presumably having little or no leverage should make his displeasure known.

The commish also told me that they were going to make thanksgiving weekend for secondary rivalries.

The point is, he says what the fan wants in private conversation then does nothing.

Maybe so, but this a recipe for disaster.

At this point, there is only so much he can do.

  1. BCE just bought the Argos so they have even more leverage than they had 2 years ago;
  2. BCE got a 3 year TV extension and I guarantee BCE is doing what's in TSN best interest, not the CFL;
  3. I'm sure the Commissioner "there, there"s fans on a regular basis and tells them what they want to hear - even if he knows it will never happen.

Don't take it personally.

The other option would be to have TSN available on the internet to all internet providers. Right now if you try to watch TSN on the internet you will be asked for your Rogers/Shaw/Bell account # and you can only watch if you subscribe to TSN. Internet fees may rise a little but at least it would be available to most Canadians.
I think the last census had the internet at 96% of Canadian households but people that had OTA only was down around 10%

I still don't think that CTV is the answer, if TSN/RDS (sports Channels) have a combined 11.5 million subscribers or 30 million people, why would showing playoff games or the GC on CTV guarantee a bigger audience?
Besides CTV is targeted to 30 million in English Canada, while TSN and RDS combined reach 30 million.
RDS - a cable/satellite sports channel with 2.5 million subscribers (6 million viewers) had Super Bowl ratings over 1 million.
Sportsnet - a cable/satellite with even less subscribers than TSN had over 5 million viewers for the Jays playoff run.

The problem is not access, it's the reality that more Canadians want to watch the Super Bowl or the Jays rather than the CFL. Putting games on CTV would not make one bit of difference, if people want to watch the CFL they will pay the couple of dollars and subscribe to TSN or RDS

A big slap in the face to the CFL if this happens . The CTV would make a difference . Disgusting BELL media . Time to shake up the leadership in this league or fall further behind every other sport .

The league will continue to whither away . You can't build your brand by TSN alone that is foolish talk . Time changes
and TSN is NO LONGER THE NUMBER ONE NETWORK FOR SPORTS . It is not the TSN of 5 to 10 years ago .

If they can do this for MLS they can do it for the CFL especially the Grey Cup .

IF your like Slim just do nothing and shove your head in the Florida Beach Sand and watch the NFL .

I can't take advice from someone who doesn't like half the players in the league and is a wanna be American living
south of the border .

It makes good business sense to put opening weekend, Labour Day? playoffs and Grey Cup on CTV and TSN. No one will stop their TSN subscription because of this. Bell can advertise TSN, CFL and its other properties on CTV while the games are on and maybe pickup some additional subscribers. This is an opportunity to gain additional revenue by selling the fact that GC, playoffs and opening weekend? will be on both networks.

Either Bell experiments to help exposure ( and help themselves) or the owners need to have alternate plans come renewal time. There are options now with cable and Internet. There will be a Netflix Sports packaged one day or other options like this if need be.

i just cannot understand why Bell, being a direct owner of both TSN and the Argos, does not want to put the CFL and the Argonauts specifically on OTA. imagine if Argonauts matches were on CTV. that would make a world of difference.

rogers televises hockey games on CityTV and Omni, instantly getting the toronto area and visible minorities. bell is so far behind on this

the CFL needs to demand so much better

Maybe, we are looking at it the wrong way. Perhaps BCE sees the CFL as a major draw for TSN and NEEDS to keep it there to keep subscribers.

One game per week as a free sample on CTV but the other 3 weekly games on TSN would still benefit Bell if that was the case. Show people what they’re missing by not subscribing to TSN.

Someone in northern Alberta might catch a couple Eskimo games on CTV, become hooked then order TSN to watch all Eskimo games, for example.

as explained earlier. I informed you why soccer got on CTV.

TSN sees NCAA college basketball and about 7 other events more popular than soccer. This is because their advertisers are locked in for 5 years. Soccer gives little to no $$ for TSN. Its a terrible move for TSN to get into the soccer business but they are doing it for a reason for a future deal.

Fair enough.

P.S. They also did it because they needed the Canadian content.