Why in Canada do we not know about this guy ? Leo Major .

Thankfully there is Youtube as our history feels like a secret you have to discover on your own .

Why even have a CBC ?

So many Made up stories when there is so much out there real and worthy of telling a generation about .

The only WW2 history I learned in school was Quebec and conscription .

What a waste of time when only politics and politicians are held up as heroes in this country .

The man the legend Leo Major .

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Cool .

When I first heard about this guy I thought is this the Mandela effect .

How did I miss this guy ? This guy’s story is above the pale .

He is our version of Roy Benavidez .

Thought at some point in time I would hear this story of possibly the soldier of the century for Canada .

It just feels so odd to have such a brave unbreakable character unknown .

However I didn’t know about this guy Roy Benavidez either until a few months ago .

We don’t hear about these types cause real soldiers don’t talk about themselves. They don’t go looking for approval and applause. Real soldiers have humility.

Also, movie stars have taken the place of military heroes a long time ago.

Belgium knows more about this legendary hero than Quebec does.

No doubt…Our society is at the stage where celluloid heroes are more precious than those nasty military ones… When actors become the heroes of a civilization it is one of the signs that signifies the decline of that society. Don’t believe me ? Look it up

I know myself that if an enemy was ever to launch a nuke missile at us, the first person I would want to consult would be Orca Winfrey.