Why, Im proud to be A cats fan!

Im not to sure how well my title go's with what im about to say, but I was staying in toronto for a while, and not ONCE!! the whole 2 months I stayed there, did i see anybody supporting there Argo's. Come to hamilton walk around, ur almost garenteed to see a car with a Cats sticker, or sombody rockin there jacket. Heck, I think I see more argo wear HERE in the hammer then over in toronto! You, would think for a city 3 times the size as ours there Atendance at the games would be 3 times ours!

i agree

and i can't wait till we get a home playoff game here because i no how crazy it will be

us ti-cat fans have been suffering and suffering for the past few years and i know how excited every1 will be for this team to be at home playing a playoff game

best fans in the CFL are roughriders fans?

whoever came up with that obviously wasnt at the 2004 labour day game :slight_smile:

The fist time my wife attended a game at IWS, she sat silently for the first quarter and then, looking deep into my eyes, said: "Oh. My. God. You're among your own people here."

Which I took as a compliment, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

Anyhoo -- I get the current irritation that some may have over the whole "Rider Pride" -- "they're the best fans" -- stuff, but hey -- the green fans do support their team through some very bad years. Eighteen years without a cup. Ticat fans have three losing seasons and they're ready to use their tickets as kindling at the Balsam Street gates.

Unfortunately, you also probably saw more NFL stuff here in Toronto than in many NFL cities.

An Argo-Cat fan

ya except the city thats 3 times the size of hamilton also has 3 other PRO teams, plus the new soccer team. Besides the ticats, what does hamilton have? the bulldogs?

“plus the new soccer team.”

Trust me! The Argos will (hopefully) own BMO once the lustre has worn off of Toronto FC!!! This “soccer” thing won’t fly!

Toronto and I (unfortunately) live here, has a bad case of ADD!!!

We’re finally turning our backs on the Toronto (Ontario Raiders… Copps Coliseun tenants) Rock! I’m amazed that show lasted 10 years!

So, I guess that means were a football City!