Why I'm proud of the CFL in the Ricky Williams case

Ok, Paul Friesen at CANOE has suggested that the CFL, by not immediately and blindly honouring the NFL's ban on Ricky Williams, is hurting it's image and therefore it's integrity also. Well, I think the opposite, by not just blindly following the NFL, as we don't in war and trade disputes, the CFL's image and credibily is enhanced. This is my take on Mr. Friesen's article and I'm glad he wrote it because he solidifies my thoughts on this.

Good on ya CFL!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/News/2006/05/02/1560507-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 7-sun.html[/url]

It could also be said that we are so deperate for good quality players that we will take anyone!

Well, we have to, or should, look at the best available players under the rules of the league, as a paying fan I demand this.

Before I go any farther I should say that I am indifferent on this matter but where should we draw the line! If I am not mistaken he was banned for using marijuana. What it it was something harder? What if it was steroids?
Should we not show the sporting world that we have the same standards as everyone else?

There are enough quality running backs available to stay away from the likes of Williams. As a paying fan, I'd be disappointed to see my team use my money to hire such a guy. I wasn't very proud of my Als when they let go Hall of Famer Mike Pringle to replace him by the insane jailbird of Lawrence Philips.

Good point T&T
To add to my previous post.
We are already though of as a league of NFL rejects. Does this not add to that philosophy?

Look you blind followers, I am not one that believes that the NFL "standards" are world standards for football in this world. This issue, like all, should be discussed at length and, like softwood lumber and war, we don't just "do as the Americans do" without thought and decision making.

I'm disappointed at you guys here, very disapointed.

This is a little more than blind following. Believe me when I say that I do not follow the US. but I will not do something just because they wont or vise versa. We do need to have moral standards and lowering them just because we want to show we do not agree with the US is not nessasarly a good thing!

I agree, but you use the term "lowering". I question that term. Maybe the NFL's moral stance on things whatever doesn't jive with the CFL, I mean, we are two different countries and many of us Canucks are proud to call ourselves different with a different culture and view of things.
I think it is best not to leap first without knowing where you are going. And I don't think we should just leap into the NFL "standards" without knowing the background of why they have the rules they have, how they monitor them, and whether it makes sense that we should adopt those rules in every case in our country.

I did not mean that in this case we are lowering our standards. I meant it in general.

Each case is separate though like the law, you don't just follow someones rules because in general it appears you are lowering your standards.

Agree but neither do you disregard them to make a point

I agree and, in fact, I detest when people just try and make a point to be different for it's own sake. Not right. Maybe it's best in this case to have the NFL's policy for the CFL, I honestly don't know, I would have to really read more about what has been going on.

In our country? NFL standards? Dude. We're talking about taking "the opportunity" to hire a guy who's available only because he was suspended for being caught using drugs for the fourth time.

Trying to get the drugs out of the sports is not an NFL standard. It's a worlwide standard.

Professionnal sport are two things. For the athletes, it's a job opportunity. For the rest of us, it's entertainment. And entertainment means we enjoy watching a bunch of people do things we'd love to do but can't because we lack the skills they have. We are emotionally linked to the achievements of these models. That's the whole role model concept.

Condemning or condoning the Argos for adding him to their negociation list is not a reflect of "the NFL standards" or not. It's a matter of values.

I could have probably been a professionnal athlete too had I used performance enhancing drugs for a few years. A lot of us could have had. But we haven't. Because it doesn't reflect our values. Because it's cheating. Because it gives no credit to those who do what we can't do, because had they played by the rules, they might not had done it either.

And it might not change a lot of things for you and me. At our age, we won't bolt now, drop our jobs, start training and eat pills to become pro sports stars. But kids might. They'll look at Williams and think "Hey, he was caught using drugs four times and he still can play. Why would I settle for an office job when a boost can make me shoot for the stars?"

Whether Ricky says it was marijuana or not is irrelevent. Whether it truly was marijuana or not is irrelevent. Your sport tells you you can't use drugs and play because you have a moral responsibility.

I'm sorry pal, but that comes with the package. If you want to be a professionnal athlete, deal with it. That's part of what you must comply with.

Earl, I can't even understand why you would put this as an American vs. Canadian standards issue, when in fact, it's only human common sense.

What I object to is Paul Friesen saying that if the CFL doesn't honour the NFL's ban of him de facto on the spot immediately, they are losing integrity and I don't believe they are, nor should a reporter be giving us his feelings, report the facts, that is what I want from a reporter. Ricky Williams hasn't played one down in this league and all we know of him is what we read in the papers, he hasn't done anything wrong while with a CFL team. I agree with you about drugs being bad and all that but what if the CFL doesn't like how he was judged in this case, don't they have a right to have a different slant on this? That's all I'm asking, that we don't just honour a leagues status of a player for our league right up front without finding all the facts involved. Drugs are illegal here, yes, but this guy is crucified without even stepping foot in this country. Having a joint or whatever is different than killing someone where it was proved without a doubt someone killed someone, of course in this case you wouldn't let someone like this into the country. But smoking a joint or something along these lines, man, our politicians here have admitted to it and they stay in power for christ sakes.

I agree with the author, we should honour the NFL bans. They have banned both Williams and Smith for using marijuana. Both of them got caught, and are paying the price for it. The CFL should honour that, and say NO to the teams that want to bring them in to play. Smith has been suspend 4 times, how many more chances does he get? The CFL needs to adopt a drug policy, and the sooner the better.

Although I am not an nfl fan....They do have a "zero" tolerence policy for drug use if I'm not mistaken. So...Earl...you're suggesting that the CFL have no morals or standards and just keep letting nfl junkies in?

Why is everyone getting their shorts in a knot over Ricky Williams? There's probably a 2% chance that he'll even consider coming to CFL this season.

Why is there not an equal outrage over Onterrio Smith being on the Bombers negotiation list? Word is that he's much closer to playing in our league than Ricky is. Just because he's not as high (no pun intended) a profile player as Ricky, does that make it better? Perhaps he's a role model to all future whizzinator users out there.

Face it, neither of these guys are the first, nor last NFL drug policy suspendees to be of interest to CFL teams. There's lots of NFL suspended players in the league already (Bernard Williams and R Jay Soward come most easily to mind). If the NFL had a problem with these guys playing in the CFL, they'd sure as heck let the CFL know about it.

NFL Network reported todauy on Total Access TV show, that the Dolphins won't be signing any waivers for Williams to play in CFL !

These guys are such good role models for young kids. Why do we not have trading cards with how many joints a player can smoke during a game. Nealon would win but ro and 3&10 are right. Are teams like Toronto and Winnipeg hard up for players. The CFL has an image to uphold now it is tarnished only because a GM figures this will pad his bottom line. Just pathetic, why do you think the NFL bans these guys to get press.