why I will renew my tickets

In 1967 I sat in row #1 south side, my feet on the not so green natural grass (mud) with my father attending my first ever Tiger cat football game, the sits we had that day are long gone now yet in my memory I look to them each and every time I enter our stadium. Since that day almost 40 years ago Ive rarely missed a game everything else came second to a ti cat day, family weddings and events had to be on non game days and that was that. The only games I've ever missed was to attend sporting events for my own childeren. Today I take my son to each and every game. we talk we laugh we smile and share memories that forever will be our's as I did with my father so long ago. I remember a cool November day in 1998 a long field goal on the last play would take us to the grey cup, my son and I stood and watched and as the kick pierced the uprights I jumped for joy along with thousands of others on that day, turning to hug my son I found him sitting crying, head in his hands, asking whats wrong he said, "Dad I feel so bad for Montreal" we were sitting just above the visitors bench and the sight of these adult men themselves so hurt and upset by the exciting turn of events was as incredible to share with my son as was the Ti-cat victory. The Tiger Cats have earned a very special place in my heart, I ve seen the bad I ve seen the good, many a loosing season is worth the moments of glory and happiness that come so very rarely, so again I will renew and wait for more of the moments I cherrish. From Henley to Cody and every player owner and staff in between, thank you for making it possible. Thats why I will renew. and you ?



I had my Problems with our Team ..
Closing Practices and Other Bad PR Moves..
a Non Competitive team

Marcel was Best Move this Season.
He Signs Corry and Jessie to Long Term deals

He already started Changing the Faces for 2007
Cutting Peterson Ranek Eakin..

word that Practice should be open again.

It been Enough to give this team one more Season of my Support..

Well said! After this season, I sometimes forget the great moments I've lived through at IWS and moments like justafan mentioned are the reason why I love this team and love being at Ivor Wynne. Thanks for reminding me!

Nice Read justafan... :thup:

We all have our reasons for going to Ivor Wynne and yes it was brutal at times watching our favourite team lose.

But we did get a couple of wins :thup:

We did get together and at least feel the anticipation of a win.

Now it is up to us to do the same and build our own great memories of Ticat wins and days spent at Ivor Wynne. If you are not there, then you can't be part of it when it happens...AND IT WILL!

Hopefully this comming season will provide the wins that create those Great Memories! :thup:

I also expected prices to increase...but looks like they will remain the same.

Good post! I also live for those kinds of moments I also will never forget that field goal. Thanks!
I am still walking the fence if it comes to renewing my 2 seats in box K as I am a shift worker and can't make every game so its getting to the point do I spend all that money on a terrible sports team when half the time not even my relatives and friends wanted my free tickets this year?! I am waiting to see! what changes are made by caretaker and our new GM.

Closing practice a bad pr move. how many fans do you really think this affected???? my guess is probably no more then 5 tops.

anyways not the place to dispute this. i enjoyed the post. thanks.

My year at IWS was pretty mediocre, but my pilgrimage to the game in Edmonton completely renewed my enthusiasm.

I wasn't going to walk away anyway, but it's nice to renew with some enthusiasm.

I will renew my CFL tickets with the Ticats and our highway rivals next year...why?

Because I love everything about CFL football!

The history, the 3 down (Canadian game), the action and intensity, the tailgate pregame experience, and the fans.

I love our game and will be renewing again!

And now you are a Married Man! :thup: :thup:

Havn't seen you on here for a while Jare...was waiting for a chance to "Congratulate You and Nat!"

Darlin Husband and I came close to saying NO to this question. Desjardins himself is a big reason for our change of heart. We like the changes he's making.

He's making people earn their positions.

He's left it open for Eakin to improve in Europe, and try again here in 2007 if he's good enough (a wonderful idea).

He's keeping Radlein here next year!

Open practices again Onknight? Yessss! We hope to make one or two of those... see you there! That would be so nice... I really hope he does that. I learned a lot that I simply could never have learned any other way than at that last practice we went to. It was a great experience.

Mr. Desjardin's got no room for slakers, and he expects leadership. He's cleaning house. He's looking for quality players. We've either got some or he's getting some. He's making it that simple.

It all sounds good.

Thank you Mr. Desjardins - you're selling tickets.

Thank you Mr. Young - you're getting it!

Thank you office staff - Gerry Fonzo et al, you're doing a great job.

So YES... we're coming back next year... because of Mr. Desjardins we're very excited about 2007.

Thanks to all that read my post, theres just way to many reasons to say yes to ti-cat tickets, I have so many great memories as a young child at games and as a father now, how many remember the green fence around IWS ? at 13 years old my friends and I would go after dark the night before games and loosen the boards on the south side behind the washrooms so the next day we could sneak in, worked like a charm for the longest time. As long time fans I feel very good about this Bob Young team and the learning experince it has been for our caretaker, it is US the fan that owns this team as Bob well knows, IWS is once again a great place to be, to experince and to grow memories, the football side of things is changing and changing fast now the efforts truly been there and the right people will make all the differnce. I renew in hopes of sucess on the field and I will forever, I couldnt imagine making the NO choice, sitting at home when that big kick is made or the long pass connects, or even when it goes the other way, we the fan makes the differnce and for all those who have had enough I wish you to go away quietly and leave the door open for those who will follow. Its truly a personal decision. Thanks to all for sharing my football passion, I enjoy reading all your posts. So when do we get our tickets Bob??????

It's not written it Stone Deedle
The New head Coach Could Close them or Marcal could.

Marcel Said There is good Chance of It be Reopen
when I Spoke to him on the 5th Quarter This year.

If they do Reopen them We have be on Remember this can be taken away at anytime..by the Team

...and will they be nice tickets, with purty pictures on them. :wink:

Maybe it was related and maybe it wasn't, but the crappy tickets this past year now seem appropriate given how the season went.

But next year I'm gonna wanna frame the tickets and put them on my son's wall to commemorate the first time in his short life that his fave team won it all.

I apologize for being the fly in the ointment here, but I'll never go to Ivor Wynne Stadium again.
I'm full of arthritis and it's no longer enjoyable sitting in those cramped quarters.
I have been an avid Ticat fan since 1950 and will remain so but in the future I will only show up to see them at the Rogers Centre when they play the Argos.

A secondary reason for packing in Ivor Wynne Stadium and my season tickets is failure of the mods on this site to correspond with me when they scrub my posts.

Desjardins is already doing a great job with the team, but he may want to look beyond the team and start cleaning up some of the people who monitor this site.

I have no objections to them scrubbing a post, but I feel that when no reason is given for same, it becomes the ultimate snub.

I agree in principle with for guys but i have
a friend who also is a season ticket holder
for a number of years and feels the same as
you guys do about tradition but his seasons
tickets are toronto maple leaf one's and
he's been waiting more than 30 years for a
CUP. How long will you wait???