Why I Think Timmy Chang Should Start

I am sure some people are going to be upset because they love Jason Maas but, I really feel that Timmy Chang should start. In his 2 Pre-Season appearances he did amazingly well. The 1st game he played was terrific, without question that should have put him in the QB1 Slot...Then Chang comes in during the 4th Quarter yesterday and although the numbers may not have been there, he showed a few things.. First of all, he took 2 or 3 hits off of blitzes, he didn't scramble and create bad plays like Maas is known for, he stayed in the pocket, took the hit and completed the pass. The other thing I noticed was that on the play where he had the Pass Interference call all the way down field, he BOMBED that ball, another thing that Maas lacks. I know the Cats are paying good money for Maas but, if they want to win they need to start Timmy

Long Live The Chang Gang!

Maas' two questionable plays were understandable. One was a clean dump to avoid lost yardage and another toss that went ga ga was a missed route by Alston #85. While Chang has definitely proved his worth and made this team, Maas just hasn't done anything to be unseated as Hamilton's starter.

The regular season will show who is the best #1. If Maas strugles, enter Chang. Questions will be asked if this teams struggles to get going regardless of who you put in. Be it Maas, people will say Chang should have started the season because of his NCAA success and preseason promise. If Chang were to start a struggling team, people would cry out as to how the team could have fielded an unproven CFL rookie when we had a tried and tested verteran in Jason Maas.

The coaches will make the most rational decision by weighing in on camp and preseason performance as well as each player's history.

Maas played well enough to retain the starter's job for now. But I certainly think that Butler lost the #2 job to Chang. Butler played very poorly last night. His interception was due to a late throw. He held onto the ball way too long, resulting in sacks. And he failed to protect the football, resulting in a fumble. Chang has a lot more energy and enthusiasm than Butler, and Chang also makes quicker decisions, and isn't afraid to air it out. I would be shocked if Chang wasn't named #2 on the depth chart when the Cats travel to Calgary next week.

Maas didn't do anything to lose the starting job. He actually looked pretty good, very comfortable and even a little more zip on the ball. Seeing the one long pass was on the money was comforting.

Problem last night with the quarterbacks was it looked like the receivers were not always on the same page. Good throws, wrong routes.

Timmy will get his chance at some point this year and I think he will make the most of it.

I say Maas starts the season but Chang finishes it.

I'm not sure if you could see it on tv but it was quite clear watching the sidelines during the game that Chang is not a rookie (I think his NFL Europe experience is showing). He just seemed to have a poise and comfort level when talking with his receivers and linemen and that tanslated onto the field in the 4th quarter when he finally got his chance.

He seems to have the knack for doing productive things with the ball. He probably threw more than he should have but that's undestandable given that he's still trying to win a job. If performance in the preseason alone was the determining factor, Chang should start the season as the #1 QB.

And I admit I'm biased since I've been a Chang fan since his junior year in college. I always thought he was suited to the CFL more than the NFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

A sidebar

When Charlie was asked

whether the QBs will be calling
there own plays he made it very clear.

He smiled broadly and said something like

'Oh, no, the QBs will not be calling there own plays!'

It seemed almost laughable to him
to think of them calling the plays.

lol i dont know how many times me and my buddies got the chang chant going yesterday. everybody in the crowd was dead though! nobody was into that game at all

No way would I start Chang, a rookie, who has played a bit of two pre-season games.

he knows nothihng about top notch first-string CFL defenses. He has a lot to learn still.

Maas' strong showing coupled with his experience easily make him the starter.

Chang, has strong potential to be a good starter in this league given a little patience.

Chang has shown that with some more experience, he can be a star in this league IMO. I wouldn't start him now though. As CK says, he still has way too much to learn and throwing him in there when he's not fully ready could be terrible for him.

He can learn a lot from Taaffe and Maas. I have no doubt that he will one day be a starter. I hope we lock him up for a long time to come

Chang has shown some reason for optimism but throwing a rookie QB into the starters job would be a mistake that quality coaches don't make.

He has only played a couple of quarters of preseason football against a vanilla defense played by one of the league's bottom feeders.

He has promise but should be groomed for a future starring role with this team, not thrown to the wolves right now.

Chang should be the number 2 QB for now.

He will challenge Maas for the number 1 spot more than either Eakin or Williams did last year and this will be a good thing for Maas to focus on and think about.

Also, Chang needs more time to learn the Canadian game and the Ticats system.

He has a great arm and he showed great athleticism in the 4th quarter and will no doubt be a starter in the future.

I agree completely. Chang has the raw materials and the enthusiasm, but he needs at least a year of watching and analyzing film with the coaches and the other QBs to really learn the game. He will be groomed into a real gem.

Any 'spot duty' they can give him over the coming year (e.g., in the event of injury or a lopsided game) will also help, but to throw him into the starter's role before giving a proven veteran a chance is crazy.

And it's quite possible that Chang's obvious ability and his pre-season performance will motivate Maas. The guy is competitive, and he has always been best when he had strong competition, in both Edmonton (with Ricky Ray) and in Oregon (with Akilli Smith).


This is clearly a no brainer! MAAS should start
because clearly he is the better QB. I don't
understand why we are even talking about this.
MAAS has the experience and his arm is back.
Sure Chang is talented but he is a raw rookie.
The people who think Chang should be #1 do not
know anything about football period.

WOW! I wouldn’t really say I know nothing about football. I am saying this because I have been watching Timmy Chang since he was in college. He is not a raw rookie, he played in NFL Europe and has an amazing ability to excel anywhere he is. What I want to know is how are you so sure that Maas has his arm back. It was one game, what’s going to happen when over the course of the season his arm wears out. I don’t think he will last the whole year and by that measure would love for the same QB to be in the spot all year, instead of Chang coming in to pick up the pieces halfway through the season. So, no Almighty Football Guru, I may not know everything about football but, nothing…that’s stretching it. Thanks for coming out.

I don’t want to crush your enthusiasm, but try to tempor it with some football logic.
I know we havn’t had a winning season since 1999 and
everyone is hoping for a messiah to lead us to the
GREY cup. But its not going to happen this year.
Experienced Players and hard work will win out in
the end. So be patient it will come. Maybe not this year possibly next. I have been around to watch the cats win their last 8 cups so i know what it takes to be patient. CHOW! :cowboy: