Why I think the Riders are struggling

I was boycotting this board until the idiots at MRX got their S**t together, but I can't let this slide without comment.

I note that Winnipeg fired Taman, Berry and Daley, and within a couple of years they have a VERY good football team.
The Rider HIRE Taman, Berry, and Daley, and (even though they got rid of the 2nd biggest idiot of the three) within a couple of years, the Riders are going to have an 0-4 start. The only reason it took this long is because Tillman's legacy players were able to carry the team. But no more. Those who have left have not been replaced.

People are blaming Hall for this defense? Its tough to put together a scheme that will work when your D-Line AND Secondary are made up of perpetual 2nd stringers. Our linebackers are ok, but 4 guys can't play the entire Defense. Blame Taman for not giving decent personnel to the coaches.

Offensively, DD is sucking today. Maybe a halfway decent GM would have a 2nd stringer who could actually be called upon to play in a situation like this, instead of a career clipboard holder who has done nothing since high-school. The Riders have still got some of the top receivers in the league, and a top running back. Actually, two of them. Perhaps a decent OC could put together a scheme that takes advantage of those skillsets.

I called this on the day the Riders named Taman as GM. I was horrified then and I'm seeing that horror justified now. How long before management sees and corrects this mistake?

The Riders have, over the past several years, been known for one main thing...their team CHARACTER. Well, this team, put together by Taman, has NO CHARACTER AT ALL. Guys give up. They have no fight. Taman has allowed this team to lose the winning culture that was developed under Tillman, and has fostered the same losing culture that existed in WInnipeg during Taman's tenure there.

There...I'm done with my Paolo imitation now.

Much to the relief of all readers, I return to my boycott until the CFL fires MRX, or until MRX hires someone who can fix the many stupid and recurring technical problems with this site.


go to the cfl.ca home page. look way down at the very bottom.

its all bob youngs fault.

MRX is looking to hire PHP developers.

Looks like no one is steering the ship right now.

Its enough to almost, I say almost, wanna go back to slamcanoe

Maybe if they removed some of the addons and stopped trying to snoop on people, their forum would actualy work. The crap my ad blocker is picking up on this site is the worst of any on the internet.

What crap would that be… since I’m not seeing any activity that warrants blocking from my end

Sorry, but me neither. They have issues but that is not one of them. Maybe HrxTC needs a spyware app ...

The Riders have issues and I'm sure glad those issues persisted today. :wink: 8)

As for the posting issues, I'm no techie, I don't know.

hit-em - Paolo imitation - priceless :thup: (no offense Paolo :wink: )

I complimented Hit 'em on that imitation in the game thread but it got lost in the jumble. :lol:

He's the second guy to do it well after Discipline spelled it all out for me once too. :cowboy:

I don’t generally block anything on this site, both because I don’t find anything annoying (other than the obvious broken forum software) and because I want to give at least some small support to the sponsors, who I think deserve my attention for supporting my favourite sports league.

I don't think this is going to be the most loved post, but I've always felt Durant has never been the exceptional quaterback many people felt he was. He's good, don't get me wrong but it's hard not to be when you have Chris Getzlaf, Rob Bagg, Andy Fantuz, and Weston Dressler. The last two seasons, these guys made careers out of catching passes that were practically uncatchable, and of course the attitude was "It's not broken don't fix it" Now Fantuz is gone and Bagg is injured leaving Fantuz and Dressler to have to struggle with prime coverage. The younger receivers aren't able to catch many of these close but not quite catchable passes, and thus the offense is stalling, and wearing out the defense.

Just my two cents though.

I think you're exactly right on all counts
Durant isn't that great a quarterback
His receivers made him look good
And now that that dream is over

The nightmare begins

Sask is and has been over the last 3 years a average team but a very good playoff team. Some over blow them as the next great team. NOT. Some pick Edmonton to go 0 for 18. But this year all teams are fairly close on a given day.
By the way where is Richie Hall these days

Secondary sucks. I do not blame Hall.
D Line sucks. I do not blame Hall.

Durant needs to get his shit together.

what is Durant doing playing with jacks anyhow.

** twosies
*** threesies

what? football? don't bother me

**** foursies

I dont know how to play jacks lol

I'm getting into this for this reason above; Put D. Durant on the Eskie squad for this year and Edmonton will be still 3-0. There is nothing wrong with Durant IMO.

Truth. Nothing's wrong with Durant that a stronger O-Line and some better play calling wouldn't fix.

I mean honestly. Do you folks think that he forgot how to play over the winter? Or that the last couple of years were just a fluke? He's not Anthony Calvillo... but at the stage of his career that Durant is at now neither was Anthony Calvillo (people seem to forget that he didn't just appear one day and dominate).

This is a team game, and the team isn't very good this year. If you replace Durant with anyone whose available right now, does this team get better? I highly doubt it.

Coach Miller reminds me of Dave Richie; their teams produced "Character" and that goes a long way too.

It's the easiest game in the world! :lol:

You bounce the ball and try to grab the jacks. You start by grabbing one, then two, and you keep going until you grab all 10.

I don't know why they are strugglig but the 5 minute pitstop at riderfans.com is comic relief :slight_smile: Pretty soon they are going to throw beer cans at the home bench :lol: