Why I think GM Desjardins went public......

I've read most of everyone's opinions the last few days about GM Desjardins and given it some deep thought while putting myself in his shoes.

Here's why I think he had very little choice but to do this.

  1. The heat was clearly coming down on the players and coaches for the "apparant" undisciplined" play and Coach Taaffe even went so far as to suggest fines for the 'offenders'......but hang on......what if after reviewing game film it turns out that a lot of the seemingly bad penalties were not even close to being infractions?......how can you instill discipline when the players in question weren't even doing anything wrong?.....someone has to stick up for the Coaches and players and if it has to be the GM going out on a limb to defend the team and risk a slap on the wrist who cares?.....at least he went to the player's and coach's defense

  2. being over-penalized for such minor infractions at every turn is also detrimental to the team, the game and the league.........it slows the game down, takes away the momentum a team might be building and makes the players paranoid of penalties to the degree that they aren't playing to their potential.....

So, all in all, I believe Marcel -took one- for the team this time and sent a message to the players and coaches that he will go to bat for them when needed......

Some have suggested Marcel is "off the wall" (words to that effect) but in the dealings I have had with him I have found him to be very friendly, forthright and a deep and clear thinker......he never seems "full of himself" at all and has treated me extremely well with no signs of an 'ego'....and yes, he smiles regulary (someone suggested he never smiles)

Do I agree with every roster move that has happened?....no (eg. Flick, Morreale, Hitchcock [assuming he had a say in those moves that is]).....but whoever will?.....you can't please everyone especially when it's his butt on the line......not ours. I suggest each and every one of us would be second-guessed at times if we had the volume of very public decisions to make on a daily basis as the GM has on his screen....

At least Marcel opened the subject up for public discussion and if the league doesn't like it?......too bad!....the league is acting like Marcel just posted the recipe for a nuclear bomb or something....sheesh!

Well, there's my pre-game rant.....

Kick the Bomber's asses!!

Go Cats!

That may very well be the motivation but the results will be the same in my view. The league and the game officials will be pissed at the Cats and we aren't going to get the benifit of the doubt on close plays

We weren't anyhow :roll: ......and if the League/Officials clearly "get even" on the field then that's corruption and tampering and a fraud.....(I don't think that will happen though in reality)......this league can't afford scandal and if word ever got around that this is happening, it would be a scandal huge!

I repeat, I can't see that happening though.

And the constant complaining that Bob suggested has been going on doesn't have anything to do with it? Besides I don't think we've really been on the short end of the close decisions. Fraud like you suggest it would be if there was retribution doesn't exist anyway. It would be benefit of the doubt type calls that good players get would suddenly disappear. It happens in every sport at every level and its naive to think it doesn't. The games are fair but there is always a personal bias involved. All officials are human. As a coach I always found it far more productive to get on the good side of officials by not complaining and joking with them when the opportunity arose. That way when I did lodge a complaint once or twice a season they actually listened

By going public...I think that might go in favor for the Cats. The blown calls have been so bad ( even a blind man ) could see them.
Whith that being said..hopefully the Reff's will be a little more carefull. After all now MORE people will be watching...to see what is going on. ( I hope )

We as fans pay good bucks to see football.......not the whims of the officials and hope they decide they 'like' our team......they are there to rule impartially and not take out their bad moods, biases etc. on a specific team or their fanbase.....if they do, then the sport suffers hugely.

I've seriously thought recently that a play without a flag is becoming a rarity....and how sad is that?....

The game itself should be the story......not the officials.

George Black has his work cut out for him now and I, as a life-long fan, expect and demand some results from him and the league........thanks to Marcel for voicing an opinion for us fans and his team....(0-4 notwithstanding)

I agree with you… 100% It’s about time this crap was brought front and centre.

Although it is clear the ref's havent been in the Cats favour, I think Marcel was making a suggestion for the CFL's benefit and not just the Ticats.

Sometimes you have to stand up and say what needs to be said. What Marcel said needed to be said, not only by the Ticats but by all GMs. CFL games are often damaged by flag-happy refs who want to steal the spotlight and change the momentum of the games. I congratulate Marcel for having the courage to say what he said...

Watch out for offensive holding calls tonight. These are always 'judgment' calls and almost always marginal.
When offensive holding is called in key situations - it is a drive killer and often takes points away.

(Note: This is the call that did in Al Bruno when he complained vociferously about refereeing. Every time something good happened, the Cats would take another offensive holding penalty to kill the momentum.)

Conversely, when obvious holding is not called (like on MTL's 3rd TD vs Hamilton) there is rarely an outcry but it is explained away as 'well, there's holding on every play'.

Imagine the change in fortunes if that Alouette TD and drive had been killed by a holding call...

This post might scare some people but, I agree with everything mikey has said. (Time for my medication now..)

On a serious note, mikey brings up a few good points. I used to referee a game called water polo. That is a very difficult sport to ref, as 90% of the game is played under water. If the 2 refs disagree on a call, then there is a "neutral face-off" in order to give each team the opportunity to gain control of the ball.

If 2 football officials disagree on a foul, then there should be no foul called. There should even be a ref in the spotters booth with television feeds from all angles available to him in order to overturn incorrect calls. Perhaps this is something that Bob can suggest at the next BOG meeting?

This post might scare some people but, I agree with everything mikey has said. (Time for my medication now..)

On a serious note, mikey brings up a few good points. I used to referee a game called water polo.

1).......hey, I'm right a few times a day...just like a broken watch is.... :lol:
  1. .....thanks for bringing back the discussion of water-polo for me.....my Dad played on Delta High School's water polo team when he was a teenager....the photos we have are hilarious....our Dad an athlete?...hahaha........me and my siblings get a kick out of that concept..... :lol:

I don't really like video replay and I would hate to see more of it...I know the calls are bad sometimes but I think it can make the ref hesitate and just wait to go upstairs and review it. It slows the game down, and even though we have been on the wrong end of so many close calls, it is part of the game and always has been. Let's not forget that these are just games played by men for money and watched by men for enjoyment. (I know, I know...women and kids too).
Note Montreal's INT last night and the phantom interference call that followed....they played on and won anyway. Maybe they even used it as motivation.
I supsect Marcel is trying to create an "us against the world, Gretzky-ish Salt Lake City" type of thing.

I do wish there were fewer calls. A while ago I posted info I quickly googled that showed an average of 21 penalties in a CFL game and 14 in an NFL game. I doubt that there are so many more infractions---I think it is a league directive to keep the flags down for entertainment value.

I think it was a diversionary tactic to take attention or pressure away frpm the coaches and the players and direct it to him.

Less of a distraction for the coaches and players.

It’s not a new tactic.

Time will tell.

Fortunately, that time is not too far off.

About 11:15 p.m. (Eastern) tonight!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock … (geez… it seems like an awfully long day).

I don't know if Marcel thought this up all by himself or by accident...but he has put some pressure on the officials. If they keep making the same amount of calls on Hamilton as the first four games they're going to be accused of trying to get even. Maybe he thought the amount of calls couldn't get any worse, so he had nothing to lose.

I am in full accord with Mikey, having said much the same thing on another thread.

Way to go, Mikey!

I agree and would think that the ref don't want to be 'that ref' who exemplifies exactly what Marcel was talking about.

Friday, July 27, 2007 - 12:45PM

By George Black,

In Thursday night’s Montreal @ Toronto game, there was an officiating error when on a Toronto pass play, the Side Judge called Pass Interference against Montreal, threw his flag and assumed the pass had gone incomplete. The assumption was incorrect. Montreal actually intercepted the pass. The whistle should not have been blown until the play was completely over. As it happens, the penalty would supersede the balance of the play anyway.

George Black has been the CFL's Director of Officiating since 2004.

I dont know if there is any video of the call but when I was watching the sideline judge blew the play dead and was crossing his hands meaning incomplete. He did not throw the flag. So who did? The back judge?

The same sideline judge that blew the play dead, upon seeing the Alouette run by him with the ball, threw the flag to cover his own butt, IMHO.

The Bassman