I believe because Wally is a winner that doesn’t accept losing, unlike those who think losing close games are acceptable. Here’s Wally’s quote in the Sun …

“We can make excuses if you want. Losing is losing. We could commend the effort and spirit but when you do that you accept being mediocre and I can’t accept that. We lost.”

Now compare that with Alain Vigneault’s quote in February, where he said he was happy going .500 in January with all the injuries the Canucks had, and its easy to see why Wally has had his success for so long while Vigneault is barely hanging on to see second stint as an NHL head coach.

Wally is a winner with a great career record. This is why we still have hope. He’s also way better as the underdog in the playoffs than when he’s the favorite.

...Wally tried the angry yeller last week...what act does he go to this week?...

I still believe because we're shooting ourselves in the foot. If we start playing smart, the results will come.

Out of the 5 losses 2 of those games where gift wrapped to the opponents. I'm talking about week vs the riders and this week against the als.

When the teams starts playing smart it will be no contest. I'm still mind boggled how Montreal won on Friday. They had no business in that game what so ever. 500 yards of offense and you still can't win? It's no wonder Wally is growing more and more grey hairs. Plus the play-calling is left to be desired at times.

About Vigneault and Canucks...it's a joke. The Owner is a penny-pincher, the GM has no clue what's he's doing and the coach plays boring style. That's why Tambellini left, it was and still is a gong show.

Winning is a habit and so is losing! this team is used to winning! losing doesn't look good on them! seriously Wally needs to get more involved on split second important plays! for the Lions he's God! and God needs 2 direct the plays not squint and hope everything is o.k! glad chaptelaine is going 2 be on the sidelines from now on! that's a start!

What a difference a month makes!

Yep, granted 2 of these wins came against Hamilton. We’re playing like we should and are proving once again to be the cream of the crop in the CFL.

The Lions had a very slow start this year. I think they have what it takes to win the grey cup!