Why I like the CFL

I thought I would make a small little post on why I like to watch the CFL.

It's simple and maybe I'm brainwashed a little bit by their marketing team, but when I was going to high school their theme was "Radically Canadian". And I totally bought into it as a kid. Now-a-days the theme has become "This is our league". I like that. I like the fact this little league, on the eve of the 100th Grey Cup, is simply a Canadian league. An 8 league team wouldn't last very long anywhere else...(UFL). I'd rather support a team (argos) in a league that's in my own backyard. It's affordable, it's easy to get to.

And I really dont buy into this theory about the quality of the game comparing it to the NFL. We debate about this all the time at work. I'm not a professional analyst but to me, football is football. There are obvious differences between the two leagues, but the basics of the game are the no?

I'd watch NFL, if I was living in a market for them, but I honestly can't get behind it. There are a ton of buffalo bills fans in the city who think theyre headed our way. I don't think so. Once Ralph Wilson goes, theres either gonna be a buyer willing to keep it in Buffalo, or another clown willing to move it to another US city. Even their marketing for the stupid Bills In Toronto series is terrible. Calling the Bills "our team". The bills aren't Torontos team, they are Buffalos team.

With Ottawa comming back things couldn't be better for the league. I would like to see some expansion with the CFL out east. They really need a team out there. No more teasing with touchdown atlantic games. Give them a team and it'll flourish. It's about time.

There's alot of history with our league, support it and be proud of it. Its truly a Canadian game.

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

Great post frankerton1985! :rockin:

you hit the nail on the head frankerton. :thup:

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Thanks guys for the positive feedback so far....but being my own critic I thought I 'd just correct an error or mine.

"but the basics of the game are the no?"....meant to write "but the basics of the game are the same no?"

I didn't want to get picky... :wink:

Whatever frank, you rock! :thup:

Great post dude, welcome aboard. I love that with the CFL, the this is our league theme is really that. What I'm trying to say is that if you're a Canadian Football fan you're part of an elite group of fans that are probably the most passionate sports fans in North America, you have a sense of ownership and pride in your team and the league. Why am I convinced that CFL fans are the most passionate in North America? Because this is a fare driven league and we pay the bills and keep the teams that we love profitable. This is the strongest the Canadian Football League has been in a long time and its thanks largely in part to the fans. It's pretty remarkable to me seeing 30,000 plus people show up to support a team that doesn't get a fraction of the attention the NHL gets in this city.

And the thing is, you get writers writing about the CFL being stale as there aren't enough teams etc. but what I find about these types of articles is that the writers fail to put the league into context into the country from which they are writing - Canada, not a lot of people in what, the largest or 2nd largest country in the world in terms of area. And, as well, there is nothing ever stale about having the opportunity to win the Grey Cup national football championship of Canada, never gets stale to win that baby that's being going for what some 100 years now.

Why is it difficult to find articles about how amazing it is for such a country like Canada to have a pro league like this and be able to keep such a league going? I guess positive articles just don't sell newspapers though.

I dunno, 8 teams is still a league. Sure I'd like 10 teams — who wouldn't — but it really does work quite well with 8 or 9.

And I agree that football is football. Both top tier pro leagues are great in my opinion. I don't understand those who try to force me to choose.