why I chose to cheer for Montreal

I went to the Grey Cup this year fully expecting to cheer for the Lions. I thought they were a good team and that their team was a classy bunch of players.
Then I met their fans. I am a Rider fan, and wore my Jersey the whole weekend. I was usually with other Rider fans as well, and I don't think I could count how many times BC fans came up to me out of the blue and decided to bring us down. Since when is it more important to cut the team you just beat down then worry about the team you are facing. Near the end I completely just stopped talking to BC fans, cause I knew it was gonna get stupid. I talked to every other fans, and it never got real bad.
As a Rider fan I expect to get ribbed, it comes with the territory, but this was ridiculous.
At the end of the game after it was all over, we were walking to the buses, and we walked by some BC fans, and the girl makes the remark to her friend "did the Riders play today?" Give me a break. Ya the riders weren't there, yet somehow we were more present then BC fans. IS that it, were they jealous that we are better partiers? That we just enjoy the CFL that much?
I cheered for montreal, and I feel bad for their fans, cause they were nothing but class.

I don't know what happened to BC fans cause in Ottawa they were pretty good.

(the above had nothing against the actual team of BC, they deserved the win. Just thought I would bring that to the attention of other bc fans so that maybe the good ones can teach the others how to be gracious winners, instead of aholes)

That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear you had an experience like that. Again, just to remind you, not all BC fans act this way. Most of us are gracious in victory.

Exactly my thoughts. I'm sorry to hear that. Some people ruin things for others. I no countless casual Lion fans who go to a game and never ever want to goa again. Not because of cost or the entertainment but because of some drunk idiots.

There will always be some sour grapes, which is unfortunate but not all Lion fans or any other team for that matter are like that.

You'll find fans like that everywhere. My brother and I actually wished Riders fans good luck at the West Final - I appreciate how they came out to BC for the game.