Why I am not a Bishop suporter

He can't read a defense.

He has problems with play calling.

His escape mechanism is lobbing the ball up on a prayer and hoping for the best.

He relies on his arm strength and it gets him and his receivers into trouble.

I know our receivers arn't helping him out at the moment, and I don't realistically think that any QB could come into the offensive group that we have now and play well, but Bishops bad tendencies lead to turnovers and allot of frustration.

For the note I am not just jumping off the Bishop band wagon, I was never on it in the first place. Don't like the guy never had, and don't want him here.

I am serious when I say this, I would rather have Crandell back.

Forget Crandell I'd rather have KJ back hmmmmm maybe argos will make a trade wait we have nothing to offer them how about all the used casts and crutches

Let Burris play without 8 starters on offence next week. See how much the Stamps score. Bishop is not a great qb. Durant may not be great either. To me Austin made Joseph look better than he is. Joseph ok in 2006 without Austin. No better than ok without him in 2008. Riders have to find qb of the future. That is ETs job. He says on Riderville they have a lot of good young qbs on there negotiation list. Shivers didnt find the next 1 in 7 years. ET better do it soon. Or he may be like Shivers in 3 or 4 years. But maybe Bishop and Durant will do a lot better when Flick and Fantuz and Bowman come back. Cates to. I am not on or off the Bishop wagon. On or off Durant wagon. I am wait and see. But this year? Worried Riders may finish 3rd or 4th. But if they get healthy in the playoffs. The Riders might upset BC or Calgary.

Can you really blame the quarterback? We have all our top receivers out. Give them a break guys. Would it be a different story with all our starters on the field?

I recall Durrant not doing anything last week against BC either.

Durant didn't make any stupid decisions, our offense just got manhandled as a whole. One thing that the QB can control is his decision making and Bishop has shown time and time again exactly what he previously did in Toronto and that's his inability to make the good decisions.

Thank you that was exactly what my original post was about. Funny how when some people see a topic title they don't take the time to read the posts.

Like I said before I don't think that any QB can step into our offense at the moment and put it all together, but bad decisions and giving up turn overs make a bad situation worse, which is exactly what Bishop keeps doing. Thus why I don't like him as a starter. The sigular most important thing when dealing with a dilapidated offense is not turning the ball over and forcing it in. The one single solitary stat that will normally determine who wins and loses is the turnover ratio, the last 2 weeks it has been brutal!

Joseph was inconsistent. Austin managed to implement a system that helped Joseph get over a lot of what previously would have been bad decisions. I see Bishop as being very similar. I don’t think he’s the guy to go with consistently for the rest of the year but to have him on the bench for a possible 4th quarter jump start to the offense isn’t a bad thing at all. With no running game today we needed somebody who could make some better decisions out there.

I agree with everything you said here. I never understood why they brought him here. It appears the team is really missing their leader (Crandell), Bishop is not really a team guy. He tries to do everything himself which gets us in huge trouble.

Leave the guy alone he has a second string offence and they have been playing over their heads .Every team and every season has ups and downs these guys are going to get better and better as the players come back. As far as Crandell give your head a shakethe guy is a back up all the way he is just cheap thats why he was here and looks good on paper but in a game he might not lose you the game but he sure as hell wont win you one.

The problem is Bishop makes poor decisions. If we had our receivers back he probably would throw for even more yards but he would still make the mistakes that he always has. That is what hurts the team.

Seriously.... The only reason why I would say that Bish is more impressive than Crandell is the rediculous arm strength is just insane to watch, with that said for someone who is that physically gifted he makes horrible descisions that get him into trouble and tries to use his arm strength to bail him out....... it doesn't work.

To be a CFL quarter back you have to be very adept at reading defenses. We use 5 - 6 receiver sets, which amounts to a ridiculous amount of reads that need to be made, and a ridiculous amount of information for a QB to remember not only about where his players are, but reading 6-7 sometimes more defensive players that are dropping back. Not to mention rush considerations, and if the free guy isn't one of your primary reads you have to weed him out quick. Its the above that Bish is not good at, and it shows alot in the CFL game.

Remember Kevin Mason? That guy had a cannon for an arm (it was bizzar because he wasn't that big just all technique) but he couldn't read a defense either, threw picks, and did not succeed. Its the same deal with Bish.

A few points for those Bishop supporters out there.

One: Austin's offensive scheme was well suited to Joseph's playing style. It was Joseph that went out and excuted it. Clearly it wasn't Austin. While some may argue that the offensive scheme helped, they can't argue the offensive scheme caused Joseph to be the MOP. No scheme can do that without the player....case in point Crandell this year.....and now Bishop....

Two: Those that will say well just look at Joseph this year. Yes, he has gone to a team that is playing poorly. Anybody remember the LA Kings when Gretzky was playing for them.....never a great team and never once was Gretzky close to the play maker he was in Edmonton.

Three: It wasn't Bishop's fault he was playing with second and third string players....this is bs. Twice inside the one yard line and we can't get in, because he forgets which way to turn for a hand off. That is Bishop.

Four: Bishop does a have a strong arm...but he lacks the ability or desire to play a ball control type of offence. He is greedy and shouldn't be a starter.

At this point in the season, I don't think there is an upgrade out there. If Bishop starts again I will be surprised....if they don't have confidence in Durrant and Jyles then say so....if not let the riders take their lumps for the next 5 games with Durrant starting. At least we will be better off going into play-offs with a baseline of what we can expect. With Bishop what do we really get.

Is Bishop Tillman and Millers Nealon Greene.

I remember talking to my Uncle this summer about what to expect from the Riders.

I knew at that point it was going to be tough with the QB situation, I think everyone but the Riders knew that Crandell wasn't the answer (I still stand by taking him over Bishop the way things have been, he was a good mentor for Durant and I don't think Bishop fills those shoes one iota). At the time I said if Crandell struggles that I would really like to see them go with some of the young tallent at QB and see what we get. I still want to see this happen.

I don't think that Bish is going to take us anywhere near the GC this year, and to be honest unless we get key guys back and gelling within the offense again really we aren't contending for much more than a first round win. Seriously I really hate to say that but that is just what I see. For 5 weeks straight we are dealing with arguably the best teams in CFL, and its likely that we are going to come out of it 0-5. We need to get Durant more in-game experience, if we start doing that maybe by chance he will be comfortable within the system by the time playoffs comes around and possibly ready to make a run again at that point.

Realistically we only really need to win the TO, Ham, and Edm game to at the very least lock up a crossover.

I am not looking forward to what is going to happen over the next 2 weeks, its going to be ugly on all fronts. I just don't have a good feeling and I am prepairing for 8 - 7 after the next 2 weeks.

To lock up a crossover (if that's what we're gunning for :thdn: ) there is only one game we need to win and that is the Toronto one.

Forgive me if I wrong, but didnt Bishop play 5 games already and actually won 2 of them. Everyone poo-poo's his wins because it was againt Winnipeg, but they have been playing pretty well of late as well. He is still learning they system and getting comfortable with his recievers. All the mistakes have not been Bishops fault. I say give him a break and let him get comfortable. it takes time, especially with all the changes and a new program.

I would say let's wait and see how Bishop does with Flick, Fantuz, Bowman and Cates come back and play together before we crucify him. We have a few rookies in there now, and they are dropping catchable passes just as much as Bishop is over or underthrowing his passes. I don't believe that putting Durant in is somehow a magic formula for us winning games. Durant didn't do great when he came in to relieve Bishop in the BC game, I believe DD has a ways to go before he supplants Bishop as the starter.

Sambo with all due respect...it has nothing to do with playing the second or third string...he has had the same core set of recievers since he has been here. We have now lost what three in row and he still doesn't know which way to turn on a hand off. That isn't the passing game that isn't the inability to read defences that is Bishop being bad.

Sorry he has had more games then we gave Crandell before we ran him out of town.....he doesn't deserve anymore time....no excuses.

Although I don't think we should run him out of town, I do think that Durant needs to see game action, and 1st team reps.

If people remember back Durant didn't play well when he came in for relief in the first BC game at the start of the year. Next 2 weeks he came out gun slinging after getting 1st team reps.

Bishop is not the future, and if Durant isn't that is fine as well, but they ned to find out who is. With 2 young guys in the stable we should develop them its not like Bishop is 25 years old. He is 32 and isn't playing at a high level....... guess what he wont ever play at a higher level at this point. You can get stronger, you can get faster, you can't fix stupid.

Exactly everyone was fine with getting rid of Crandell when we were losing but everyone wants to give Bishop more time. Crandell only had our top recievers for one game after that it was missing fantuz and flick. And as for our second string recievers IMO they have been catching everything that is catchable. I put the last three loses on Bishops inabilty to run our offence and coaching errors (one of which is sticking with Bishop).