Why haven't the Bombers won a Grey Cup in 17 YEARS?

Can anyone provide me with an intelligent response to that question?

In an 8-team league, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have not won it all in the last 17 years (1990). 17 FREAKIN' YEARS!

I know the team has been poorly run in the past but come on. Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?

Granted, all Winnipeg-based sports teams do lousy/choke in the playoffs. But you'd think we would've accidentally won the thing by now...

To further illustrate my confusion/disgust for this issue, let me also say this:

The old Winnipeg Fury soccer club and Winnipeg Goldeyes have won more championships than the Bombers in the last 17 years. (Fury won it all in '92, Goldeyes in '96).

And no, saying "Well, Saskatchewan has gone 18 years!" doesn't really make me feel better...

Any intelligent theories from Bomber fans?

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here's a good 1 teams in many different leagues always get an A-hole like a coach or GM and what not that screw the teams over well we had reinbold in the 90's we were a powerhouse until he came along and started to ship players to different teams and screwed teams moral that was for the majority now we got our team on the right foot now so we will se how long it takes because from 95-2000 we su(ked cuz of reinbold and than it takes a few years of rebuilding with new coaches so that accumalates for the next 6 yrs and we are not privatly owned cuz you have teams like montreal/toronto that have owners that fork out tonnes of money to have a powerhouse team but know theres a salary cap so it will be different the next few years aswell

(yes i kno no punctuation just had to get all thoughts out)

** also correct me on the years i can not remember the years of reinbold when he took over and ended i juswt know i could not watch those few years until he had gotten fired than started watchin again**

Has Brendan Taman been the GM in Winnipeg for 17 years? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Actually I think the Bombers have had much the same problems as the Riders, football wise anyway. We both have had some god awful teams at worst, and slightly above mediocre at best. We managed to fluke out in 89, and were very lucky in 97 to make it to the GC game, where we got blown away by a superior team. Lets hope both teams can turn it around and play for a GC in the very near future.

Cal Murphy also played a big part of bringing the bombers down. Cal made some really horrible decisions back then and many thought he was losing it mentally.

Hey Jetsin07, you still did not answer my question.
Is there room for the MTS centre to be expanded, and where would they put the seats?

BeerBarons go read jetsowner.com. Actually READ and get some information, don't just complain and say it can't be done.

In the CFL, I believe that defence wins championships.
The Blue have had some gaudy offensive stats at times, but they have never put together the kind of defence that can control the game.
Sure there are many resons that this didn't occur (Rienbold, Murphy and money) but this is the on-the-field reason. Hopefully this year they can finally correct this and give a proper showcase for talents like Roberts and Stegall.

Is it just me or can fans be incredibly fickle.
A few simple questions.
Before Cal Murphy, how long had it been since the Bombers won a Grey Cup (or even been in one)?
I think 22.
After Cal, how has the team done in that regard?
10 years, one appearance, 0 victories.
In the 14 years he was there, how'd they do?
5 appearances, 3 wins(2 as coach, one as GM).

I suppose he will have to find solice in his 10 Grey Cup rings, and that shiny new Superbowl ring, to make up for all those "horrible decisions" that are keeping the Bombers from winning without him.

I just don't get it!

On another issue, Reinbold was only there 2 years. Tough to blame him for a 17 year drought either.

The Bombers have found it difficult to compete financially, just as the Riders have, and in the CFL, spending and winning are somewhat related.
When the league struggles, both community owned teams struggle because they are hard pressed to generate enough revenue internally to compete.
As the league stabilizes, and that revenue stream rejuvinates, the Bombers will have more success on and off the field.
A new stadium isn't gonna' hurt.

Well said!

gosh darm it they deleted my other post but Jetsin07 when was the last time the jets won a championship and the jets would technically be the coyotes so looking at them they haven't made it past 1st round playoffs for awhile i know i want the jets back too but betman will never let them comeback until we get a new commish in NHL which looks like not for a while we won't get a team. and if all winnipeg teams choke than why do u even want the jets back apparently there just gonna choke and never win

Arius, I was a die hard support of Cal Murphy. He was one of the greatest coaches the Bombers ever had. But in his time, his train of thought went a little haywire and he made a continuous string of mistakes that sent the bombers downward.
It was in Cal Murphys prime that the Bombers rose to great heights, but in his aging years it was Cal Murphy that brought the Bombers back down to the ground.

mking3 I have been going to jetsowner for years and no where can I read about the possibilities of expanded the MTS centre.
I also never said that "it cant be done"
I just want to know how they would do it.
Where the heck are you getting those conclusions from?

I will tell you straight up and I was one of the construction workers who actually worked on and saw the prints to the MTS center. I do beleave there may be room for another row of seats but other than that I question to where the rest of the seats would be added.
So pretty please with cherries on top, can someone tell me .....Is there room for the MTS centre to be expanded, and where would they put the seats?

I am not saying Cal didn't get a little long in the tooth, but I think it is a little harsh to lay any of the blame for a 17 year drought at his feet, especially when in 13 of those 17 it wasn't his watch.
In his last 4 years as Bomber coach/GM he finished first twice (14-4; 13-5) and made the play-offs with a respectable 9-9 record in his last year.
And only missed the play-offs once (7-11) in his tenure.
And as that was a decade ago, it is real hard to fault him for recent failures....
If he made a few bad decisions his last couple of years, within two years of his departure, how can it be his fault anymore?
And as a matter of fact, lo and behold, the Bombers were back in the play-offs two years later, and then finishing first with a Grey Cup appearance.
Not exactly a long term decline really.

Anyway, we can agree Cal was a little long in the tooth, but picking him out as a reason for "Why haven't the Bombers won a Grey Cup in 17 years?", just seems a little cold, dude!

Maybe the question should be, "Why in the last 40 years has only Cal Murphy taken the Bombers to the promised land?"

In case it isn't obvious, despite being a Rider fan, I have tremendous, albeit grudging, respect for Cal.
And as the Superbowl ring he now can lay claim to attests, the guy obviously can still find talent....

Ok I will give Cal more credit for his success. I too have alot of respect for Cal but lets also look at some other points that points at Cal.
True in the 17 year drought it was not his watch for 13 of them, but once a titanic is created it is really hard to turn it back around.

Next Cal showed some favouritism to certain players. Does Mat Dunnigan ring a bell?

True Cal has taken the Blue to the promised land, but each year you have a 1 in 8 chance to do it. The Bombers were bound to win it sooner or later. In the 80s the Blue had a strong team but kept losing to the strong Edmonton team mainly because of the grass.
It was the strong defence that the Bombers had that made them a strong team. They won the Grey Cup in 84, 88, and 90, but should have won it in 92, and 93 if Dunnigan had not of injured himself as usual.
In 92 we should have easilly beat Calgary but Cal chose to let Dunnigan play after time off from a injury over a hot Danny Mcmanus.
Cal never should have let Mcmanus go. Never.
That was one of his first mistakes of many.
His favouritism to Dunnigan was foolish.

So yes overall I liked Cal, he was a great coach for his time.

As long as you can give a few examples of these "horrible decisions" then we can move on.
What was that?
A "horrible decision" was going with a hall-of-fame QB, widely regarded as one of the best in the game at the time who led you to 3 consecutive first place finishes and 2 Grey Cup appearances, and letting a relative unknown QB, slip through your fingers in free agency?
Good thing Cal at least had the fact he was recovering from a nearly fatal heart attack at the time or someone might have thought that was nuts!!

It all makes sense for me now. It is the same everywhere. The back-up QB is always better than the starter....
I doubt very many coaches would have went with the unknown Danny Mac over the proven Dunnigan.
Look at Wally in the Printer/DD year. Who'd he go with? Is wally making "horrible decisions" in BC? Some think so, but all they do is win...
Besides, wasn't Urban Bowman your coach in 1992?

And when Danny Mac became a free agent and looked at his chances to start ahead of Dunnigan in the forseeable future, what do you think he thought?
Right, so he moved on.

So far I think you are just confirming my "fans are fickle" premise.
And the fact that, while there are likely many reasons why the Bombers are in a drought, Cal Murphy isn't very high on the list.....

Winning championships on a consisteant basis means having a found a combination of sound management, coaching and a strong core of players. Any team can have a single great season or fluke a Championship but great teams are consistant teams.

Take the BBs of the '80's - great organization and a contender every year. Cal Murphy had great contacts in mid-western schools and there was a steady supply of talent. Cal did not take the organization to hieghts overnight, it was a long process that started years earlier.

Which have been the consistant teams? Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto. take a look at the past 10 years and these are your winners. All have the same qualities that the BBs had in the '80s and early '90s. Building a winner means having the right people in place long-term. There is a lot of luck involved but a good organization knows a winner when it's dropped in their laps.

When Cal M got here he had to put together a team to beat the Eskimos and he knew that the only way to do that was to out-spend them. He did that and we were rewarded with teams that snuffed the Esks regularely. All that winning meant debt though and we paid for it with a number of horrible seasons, paying guys less than a living wage. The organization fell apart and non-football people took over. We even had a President of the club who admitted to knowing nothing about football.

Now that we live in a hard-cap world it will be harder for teams to establish winners based on out-spending the opposition. The BBs should become one of many contenders.

should they win atleast every 8 years? lol