Why have a returner in the endzone ?

on the last kick , with the ball well within kicking range , should we not have had an extra blocker on the line of scrimmage?

Would that not have made more sense?

A point is a point...even in ot...

Because a single woould have won the Argos the game.

A missed FG had to be returned or kicked out to preserve a tie.

do you think it was more important to run out a 20 yrd field goal than to block the kick?

I think at that distance the odds of him missing were low.
The only chance they had was a block.



I think a miss is more likely.

With the added presure of being in overtime, it is slightly more likely, but not significantly.

With Medlock, 50 yards is pretty much guaranteed. He wasn't gunna screw it up on his own, he was gunna need help.

You also had to play the miss.

Even a partial block that went into our endzone could be recovered.

You had to have someone back there "just in case".

Over the course of a season, how many FGs are blocked, and how many are missed?

I'll bet more are missed.

Tonight, how many FGs were missed, and how many were blocked?

More were missed as it is almost every game.

or you try and block it and hope it's blocked...forward.

Field goals are rarely "tipped"
most cases ,in my opinion are blocked at the kickers feet and don't even reach the line of scrimmage.
That's what the extra man could have done.

from the 20?...get real.

Along the same line, how many converts are blocked or missed? Oh, just enough to cost the Cats a game.

it didn't cost them the game. ...not that I want to derail my own thread.

You dont have to run it out. Could punt it out too, right?

The score at the end of regulation was 19 to 19.

The Ticats missed a convert.

The convert was worth one point.

One plus 19 equals 20.

20 to 19 would be a Ticat win..

How did it NOT cost us the game?

It's called the Butterfly effect.

you can not say for certain that if they had made that convert that the rest of the game would have turned out EXACTLY as it did.

I would give it to you if it had been the last play of the game but not before.

19 plus one is 20....that I can say for certain....the Argos would not have gone for a 2 point convert...so....20 to 18.....if we could kick a convert with an import kicker...

It would have won us the game...

Setta lost us the game....on the convert...on the missed fg...on poor punting...on taking an import spot off the roster.....

yes you are correct. 19 plus 1 is 20.

however you have missed the point.
EVERY SINGLE moment(not play) would have/could have been TOTALY different from that MOMENT on.

You could not say for certain that if Setta had made the convert that he would not have kicked off differently and the Argos could have returned it for a touchdown.

Google Butterfly Effect.

So who's the troll now???