Why have a 3 minute warning if clock starts b4 snap?

Explain why in the CFL there is a 3 minute warning?

there is not 1 reason to have it. All it does is begin a new clock rule. It starts at the whistle b4 the snap even.

Coaches can use instant replay challenges in the final 3 minutes, I think anyways.

Not sure what you're complaining about but the "warning" derived from the "3-minute flag" in Canadian football. The timeout is taken at the first stoppage of play after the 3-minute flag is raised. The CFL changed the name to "3-minute warning" a few years ago, probably to be more compatible with American football.

In the final 3-minutes of each half, the clock starts as soon the ball is spotted...after a running play. An incomplete pass or run out-of-bounds stops the clock until the ball is snapped.

Thanks for the in-depth explanation Xvys. :thup:

stupid rule. The 3 minute warning should stop the clock. Why does the CFL always want the clock running? must want to be like Arena Football. and its starting to turn into it.

Not happy with the product on the field.

The clock is not always running. It stops when the play ends, and then starts again at either the snap after an incompletion or the play going out of play, or the play being whistled in.

Unlike the NFL, where the clock doesn’t stop at all after the two minute warning except after an incompletion or the play going out of bounds. And with their long play clock, those two minutes could be done in five plays, all by the same team, if not for timeouts. In the CFL, there are usually 15 to 20 plays after the three minute warning, with multiple possessions.

But probably the best thing about the three minute warning is that there are no commercial breaks allowed afterwards.

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I agree. I’ve felt like this for years. The clock should definitely stop at the official timeout, and then not start until the next snap of the ball. We often lose 15-20 seconds of actual game time by not doing that.

Another pet peeve of mine is that prior to the 3 minute warning in each half, the game clock runs on conversion attempts. To me, that’s just plain wrong.