why hasn't Wally made any changes.

I would think that after the Loss to the Bombers the Lions would have made some changes , If they were going to sign a new QB or another Player don't you think they should have done it by now . they would have had 2 weeks to prep the Guy or Guys till the next game .

And who do you think is available right now? Most of the nfl teams hasn't made any cuts yet from what i've heard. 5 cuts were suppose to be made this week .And another 23 players will be cut the following week to get down to a 53 man roster.. Im pretty sure if Wally had a chance to pick some players up he would.
Its the timing that sucks.

Reggie Hunt and Jerome Haywood are still available. Both players would shore up that B.C. run defense.

Both players are getting on in years, if that was the answer they would have kept Tyrone Williams.

I think they are waiting for NFL cuts. I said it before the season and will repeat it again, this is a re-building year. If anyone thinks different they are watching a different team!

NFL cuts or players with NFL experience do not guarantee that the lions will get better. Look at Toronto. Wally let to many experienced players go. He did not replace that experience. He has to take some of the blame. We would probably be around .500 or above if he kept some people. What it comes down to is good drafting, good scouting and good contacts. Wally should either be the coach or general manager not both. Do we even have a president since Mr. Ackles passed away? What a joke.

The players that Wally has traded or released have not exactly set the League on fire . I can't say they have really been bad moves but not having an experianced QB has exposed some of the Lions weaknesses. but they are reloading as I like to say .