Why hasn't there been a full Rogers protest at the Crap dome

Why are Canadians such pussies? Like why don't Argos fans picket and disrupt Rogers activities..... If I was a resident of Toronto I would get a big banner and unroll it right as players were coming out of the tunnel that said. "2 beers... $20"... "2 popcorn.. $14 dollars".. "2 Bills/Falcons tickets ...$0".... "watching Rogers fall flat on its face again ...priceless"

IMHO it's more apathy than being pussies.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: More people should come out and protest against Rogers instead of just sitting back and allowing these punks to do whatever they want!

Rogers gets consessions at Argos Games, the Argos only benefit from ticket sales.



Put adds on TSN, Boycott all Rogers interests!!

It would be awesome if Argo AND Ticats fans Joined in together "Rogers Sucks" or Buffalo Sucks :rockin:

I ARGEE 100%.

Some people don't care saying " what can I do? "
I know that complaining here does very little. But it good to see now that many people are getting this. :thup:

ALL CFL fans can help every where and not just in Southern , Ontario.
Any CFL fan who uses ROGERS should switch to BELL or some other other carrier and when they ask you WHY?
" it is because how badly you treat the CFL "
Besides writing many letters to ROGERS which will be largely ignored , losing customers is the only true way to get your message across. Money talks , B.S. walks , as they say.
Another more simply way is to boycott every thing NFL.

We could also take down and / or paint the statue of TED ROGERS outside the R.C. :wink: :lol:

Maybe since the Rogers group wants to treat the CFL in the obvious way... and this effects all teams. What if at the start of every quarter we show our disapproval of Rogers and get the whole stadium "Rogers Suck". No disrespect to Ti-Cat anti Argo chant but it will be broadcast live all over the country.

Also, instead of Rob Ford signs maybe anti rogers signs´.

ANOTHER easy and excellent idea!!!

Anti- ROGERS signs is also great. :thup:

this is false. i posted this time and time again; this year, the argos DO get concessions as part of their new lease agreement with skydome.
ask your ticket rep if you don't believe me.

What do the Argos get 1% ????? Sorry if i was wrong please dont Head Butt Me, I apologize :frowning:

good. know your role. :smiley:

Nobody cares enough about the Argo's in Toronto to protest. Going to the games alone is a problem .

That is not true and statements like that do not help. Most people don't know what to do.?
The ARGOS [& lets not forget HAMILTON here] get fantastic ratings on T.V. So some one is watching the games.
That has been proven over and over again.

I have heard it both ways, that they get squat or that they get a percentage. I've always refused to buy concession in Rogers Playpen because of the former, but if it more a case of the latter (say 50%) then I guess what we should all do is buy a beer, pour the Rogers half on the floor and drink the Argos half. :rockin: