Why hasn't Kelly started over Giguere?

if he was just a tackling dummy in the nfl he needs to learn how to be a blocking dummy up here and get his nfl big head into the cfl game i like him when hes got the ball but thats not his only job. guys bust heads for him he should be returning the favour

Mainly the Ti Cats are very loaded at the receiver spot. Giguere starting has a lot to do with the ratio but also Giguere has only played in only one regular season game while in the NFL over the past four seasons. It is a big difference from just practicing every week to playing every week. Giguere in a much loaded receiving crew still had over 500 yards in receiving yards and he will be better next season as he has had to reaquant himself with playing and starting every day.
As for Kelly he entered the game in the second half and has not dressed that much this season do to Williams, Grant, and Jones. He most likely was able to get open as Toronto probabably did not give him much attention or prepare to face him. It was actually a really smart move by Cortez to dress Kelly for this game as he has fresh legs especially coming off the short week and springing him on Toronto caught the Argos off guard.
With all of the receivers that Burris had to spread the ball around to Giguere was just the one who saw the ball the least and Kelly just happend to be the odd man out when it came to game day. The Cats actually had 7 receivers with starting ability and Acually they have some young talent at the non imort reciever position with Charbaneau-campo who could have seen alot of PT for a few teams like Montreal and Sask who were in need of a Non import receiver. They also have the kid from Windsor he has a great upside to being a starter in the CFL but with no room for him the cats sent him back for a 5th season at Windsor where he was fantastic and had a pro style passer throwing him the ball in Austin Kennedy.
Look for Hamilton to shop some of these receivers import and non import for some help on defensive line.
Giguere who did not appear to have a good season really is very good on special teams also. Not only is he a good Kick off returner but he also is good on coverage teams. SO unlike fantuz and Stalla Giguere was also playing on the coverage teams.
He is currently the 6th leading non import receiver in the CFL just ahead of nate Cohern of EDM.
He could be a guy that they would shop due to all of the things that he can do and that he would most likely be a top receiver on other teams. Montreal in particular are very weak with Non import receivers. and with them using a 4 receiver set with NI FB/TE lavoi in there main set they need a 5th receiver that is an NI