Why hasn't Kelly started over Giguere?

This is a questionable coaching decision.

Kelly showed flashes of brilliance last year but was slowed by a concussion.

Tonite, he was clutch in the 4th quarter.

Giguere has been terrible all year. Doesn't run a full route, takes too many plays off.

Because even after five years Obilovich can supply his coach with a NI Oline and enough Canadian talent. So it was either start Eiben or Giguere.

We never throw to Giguere.

Kelly is good for 2-3 drops/game.

Giguere is a quality Canadian.

Kelly is a dime a dozen receiver out of the U.S.

Giguere is a rookie for the most part with a much bigger up-side and higher ceiling.

Giguere is better.

Disagree. I'd take Aaron Kelley any day.

To me, Giguere was a disappointment this year, although I thought he had his best game tonight. It was the only time I thought he actually played hard.

His blocking is brutal. On one play I think Avon scampered for 20+ yards. He would have got even more if Giguere blocked the guy in front of him. Even Glen Suitor pointed it out. Giguere just looks lackadaisical out there and uninterested.

No way. You're thinking of Bakari Grant. Last year Kelly dropped the odd pass but who doesn't?

Aaron Kelly is too inconsistent. He makes a great catch then drops an easy one.

I think if they utilize Giguere a bit more that he'll respond and work harder or it might be a case of he doesn't know how to put his head into the game at all times because he was a blocking dummy in the NFL. I think in the offseason they'll work on his approach to being a starter and he'll be excellent, well, hoping anyways. Looks tough as nails when he has the ball.

Kelly had a good game last night I will say.

He was finally breaking tackles last night. Hopefully he really comes into his own next year.

You’re simply trying to find excuses for the guy’s mediocre play. He’s had more than enough time over 18 games to get it in his head that part of his contribution to this team is sacrificing his body to block downfield and using a little more energy to run out his routes properly - these things should be elementary at this level.
Bottom line - if Giguere doesn’t have a Canadian passport, he isn’t even on the team.

You got a point seymour. I want to see this guy excelling and doing well, he has the physique for it and thought he had the skills but without the head, which I agree he should have at this level, he wouldn't be here as you say. But even as a Canadian, if he doesn't perform well enough he'll be gone and replaced, others are in the waiting.

Cut over Charbonneau?

In the CFL, we have to have Canadians. It’s a rule.

Was Giguere good? Yes. Was he great? Big no. Did he meet our exceedingly high expectations? No.

I expect more from him next year for sure.

Quite right. In the CFL, teams are forced to use players who do not possess the skill and talent to legitimately earn roster positions against all other available talent.
I repeat, if Giguere doesn't have a Canadian passport, he is not on the team.

Giguere plays the wide side, wide reciever position. That postion does not see many balls because it is a longer pass for the quarterback to make. Giguere has 549 recieving yards, that makes him the leader at the wide side, wide reciever position.

Giguere looks disinterested at best. Terrible blocker and route runner. I hope he trains hard this off season with a good receiver who understand route running and blocking. The kid reminds me of Chris Bauman........lights on home.......

Giguere is all show and no go.
Every time he gets hit, he bounces backwards.

As posted above on the Avon run,
he just stands there while Avon busts his A$$ to gain every inch.

He looks lost on every play and I've seen enough of the coaches reaming him out to know he's a pant-load.

Well, I don't know, maybe he wants to get traded to Montreal? :?

Giguere had the press and all the TiCat fans believing he was great. Sadly he never ever delivered. Will he live up to his expectations. I cannot see it. Even his so called speed is over estimated. Our Canadian receivers did not shine for us this year.

This could very well be the problem, but if that was the case he wouldn't have signed for and extra year on his contract and repeatedly post how he loves his team and teammates on twitter.

The guy is in his rookie season and we expected him to come in here and be and All-Star or All Canadian?

He put up 549 yards in his rookie season at the WORST receiving position in the offense, the far side wide out position.. He had only 54 yards less than Arland Bruce, and before you try and discount this point by saying "But Bruce was injured for 5 games" Bruce had 2 more receptions than Sam and plays in the best receiving spot on the offense at Slot Back.. Heck he even put up better numbers than Nate Coehoorn and the Edmonton fans think he did an admirable job this season.

I guess what I am trying to say is WE as fans put a massive and completely unrealistic expectation on a Rookie who actually did well given the spot on the field and touches he got.

Now I will not defend Sam on the blocking side because I too found my self yelling BLOCK SAM last night and a few times in the season. But that can be improved upon with a little work this off-season and in training camp.

Now the people saying he was a big disappointment are you only saying so because Sam didn't fulfill your expectation of him getting 1000 yards or 8-10 TDs? or because he didn't play like an All Star? Give the kid a break, it is his FIRST CFL SEASON!

I'm sure Sam is sorry he could not win Rookie Of The Year like you guys expected him too but don't worry he will be back next year and hopefully he doesn't have to live up to a Player Of The Year expectation.. :roll:

He's a rookie, who had started zero pro games. What did you expect ? You break those guys in slow. Cut him and see what happens. :wink: