Why has the CFL website deleted most Player & Playoff Stats?

I am disappointed to learn the CFL has deleted all player stats previous to 2005 and have completely removed all playoff and Grey Cup statistics from their website. Perhaps this is an oversight from their recent redesign?

I realize the league can save 20MB of valuable hard drive space by not making these stats available to their fans, but this seems very near-sighted and foolhardy to me.

Many fans, like me, rely on these historical stats. I find the league's effort in the stat department seriously lacking. And now, for some reason the league has eliminated much of this valuable information. Why?

The 2004 and 2003 player stats were available last month. Why were they deleted?

The Playoff and Grey Cup stats from 2011 and earlier years were available last month. Why were they deleted?

Why are the CFL player stats generally so lacking and incomplete? I realize the league may be trying to save money and hard drive space, but I believe they've made a serious miscalculation in the elimination of their historical player statistics.

And furthermore, why is there no historical database of CFL players? The league's website is sorely lacking on listing even the names of CFL players from previous seasons. I realize it's too much to ask to keep stats or bios of retired players...which have been carefully recorded, compiled, then deleted. :roll:

MRX strikes again