why has the CFL popularity grown?

i was lookin thu the 2003 and 2004 schedules ( on cfl.ca )..and they show attendance numbers for each game...im amazed how poor the attendance was!! in 2003, the ottawa renegades were drawing more people than toronto or hamilton.....ottawa was getting 24-27 000 while toronto and hamilton were getting 15 000....

but why has this year been so different...torontos averaging 25 000 +, and hamiltons getting 26 000 +....while ottawa has fallen off to 18 000???

i know ottawa had concerns with ownership, and fans were probably weary about gettin season tickets...
and its not just the ontario teams...ALL CFL teams seem to be doing better than 2 years ago!!

but y has the CFL seen soaring attendance this year in comparison to JUST 2 YEARS AGO?????

Three main reasons IMO:

  1. People in cities like Toronto and Vancouver have realized that athletes in the major league sports are overpaid for what they do and complain even when they get millions of dollars.

  2. The entertainment value of the CFL has remained fantastic.

  3. The CFL, the league, is operating more major league, insofar as new, quality local owners have been found in Toronto and Hamilton.

Many reasons..................

  1. TOM WRIGHT.................he is repected in the business world.

  2. New good locally owned teams in HAM.......and.......... TORONTO..............

  3. Montreal moving down town.

  4. The CFL always had good T.V. numbers but people in the EAST were BILLS and JAYS fans.............that has changed , because of the fact that the BILLS SUCK , now ..........and people are bored of , the JAYS.A strike didn't help baseball either.

  5. The NHL strike...........some people took a second look at the CFL and liked what they saw.

  6. T.V. ratings are way up.

  7. You are allowd to bet on CFL football.

Toronto is averaging 28 ,000...............HAM................27, 000

And one of the reasons in Vancouver for the turn around is Bobby Ackles. He's got back into the community and have people talking football again.

God help us if we go back to Murray Pezims 3 ring circus days.

but in ontario, i dont really get HOW it got semi-big again? especially with the lack of attention from the media.

…the media isnt payin anymore attention to it…its still on page 4 or 5 of sports sections. its still not the leading story on sportsnet, the score or sportcentre.

if your not a follower of the CFL, u would never know it existed. the media is all hockey, NFL, baseball…THEN cfl and NBA…but once NBA season starts, the CFL gets pushed back even further.

im watchin sportsnet’s FAN 590 broadcast( primetime sports ), and they NEVER talk CFL.

I think TSN has also promoted the league really well.

I understand your frustration with the media. It was similar here in BC as well. In fact Dan Russell’s Sports talk will talk Hockey in Mid July before they talk football. Thank goodness he takes long vacations and the fill-in hosts talk football.

It's all about media exposure.

but dont u think they'd notice that the argos are drawing bigger ratings and more attendance than the bluejays, and better t.v. ratings in Canada than NFL games...

therfore, should start making CFL thier number 2 story on sportscenter ahead of baseball, NFL, Golf and NBA?....they always talk about CFL for 3 minutes AFTER talking about everything else first.

Strong ownership where the teams get into the community, getting onboard with sports radio like team 1040 in Vancouver and team 1200 in Ottawa helps. Keeping ticket prices reasonable helps. The Players are approachable, just go watch them warm up. If you say something to them they usually look up and either say something back or at least acknowlegde your comment. Attendance is a function of the community conecting with the club it takes time to create that connection. It has taken BC 5 to 7 years to create what they have now. Hamilton and Toronto have turned it around quicker but they have exceptional owners. Hell Bob Young even goes out and grills hotdogs prior to the game from time to time just to chat with the fans. Ottawas attendance is starting to climb. The Gliebs wether you love or hate them are starting to offer guys like Hudson long term contracts. The BC game will have our largest crowd this year so far ( not up to the level of BC or Edmonton but we will get there eventually) Ownership is starting is season ticket drive on Sept 8th this year (last year it never really started). TV and friday night football on TSN is a great help. Guys like Dunigan and Clime bring credibility to the telecasts. I met them on a golf course in Oakville and they noticed I was wearing a CFL ball cap and came over and introduced themselves and chatted a bit while we waited to hit our tee shots. Great guys not full of themselves, that helps promote the game. If we can get a salary cap to ensure that every team has an equal shot every year that will just make things better (good luck on that one). Everyone bashes Ottawa attendance but I remember watching games in BC Place where 14000 fans were there now they have to open the upper deck to accomodate over 30000. Ottawa is on the right track, a winning team good offseason coaching additions ( Marshall) hiring a full time US scout, offering the players long term deals for continuity and now they have hired a guy specifically to market the team to the corporate community. All these are positives, maybe the Gliebs will prove us wrong (I hope so).

TODAY's 6:30 TSN sportscentre line-up was ....team-canada hockey, Nhl hockey, Golf, blujays, tennis, THEN CFL PREVIEW!!! c'mon, nothing until 6:50 and only 2 minutes long.

sportsnet's 6:30 line-up was : team-canada hockey, Nhl hockey, Golf, Baseball, tennis, somethign about gay athletes,more baseball, THEN CFL for 2 minutes, boxing highlights from 10 year old fight, and go-karting

the ontario sports media is a JOKE!!!

You have nailed it Drumming god. Inspite of the Center of the Universe(COF) mentality and the very pro US slant by the Toronto/Southern Ontario media, the CFL has made inroads. I have lived in this area all of my life and you would not believe the long uphill fight in promoting the best sport around.

Am i the only person who sees the irony in that post, CoF mentality, yet "the best sport around

In the late 80's the media tore the Cfl apart by reporting of the woes of cfl franchises...made the cfl look like a circus freak show, yes the public has the right to be informed, but the constant pounding of the Canadian game by the media, chased potential fans away, we all heard the phrase" I watch real football NFL not that garbage Canadian league". So the CFL lost a generation of fans, but now with the positive media and strong ownership the league is flourishing once again. I notice all the young peaple that are into the CFL and hopefully one day the cfl will grow into a venue of 50 to 60 thousand fans a gme.

im lookin on ticketmaster.ca for tickets for the sept.10th argos game ( vs ticats )...and there are almost NO 100 level tickets left....im assuming theres going to be over 30 000 for that one!

how true :roll:

You see..............the TORONTO media is not TORONTO CENTRIC......but American centric.........how pathetic is that?......and it is not just with the CFL..........it is with all other things, as well.

To be fair to TSN..........they do show many CFL games.And have more CFL coverage.............than any one else. [except for their 20st Anniversary special when , TSN 's Friday night football wasn't even mentioned and they had the CFL 1 time in their 100 top moments in SPORTS..... :roll: ]

But if you compare the attention that the BILLS still get in the BUFFALO media , to what the ARGOS and HAMILTON get.........it is a joke.

You see , it isn't that the media in TORONTO, is TORONTO centric...............it is AMERICAN centric.

The CFL ...............is still looked apon as minor league............by the SUN the STAR and , The FAN.

In the past the when the BILLS and JAYS were winning..........the CFL was a second tier sport...........BUT the CFL always got the T.V. numbers but they couldn't get people to pay to see games.

PAUL GODFREY.........kept saying that an NFL team was coming to TORONTO.

That has all changed , inspite of the media.THANK GOD! :wink:

The media has always been slow to notice new trends.........and you have to write letters to them so that they get the new reality.A bad reputation is the hardest thing to get rid of.

The STAR..........loves the BLUE JAYS.........and the SUN........loves the NFL...........even though they sponcer........the ARGOS.

THE FAN..................has terrible radio rating numbers.............and are about hockey.........mostly.

The CFL...............T.V. numbers are now 3 times higher than the NFL and RAPTORS..........2 times higher than any JAYS games.

Hamilton..............if they keep losing my be a problem next year.

...Becase the CFL ROCKS!!! :smiley:

how are you..........?

I'm good, a lighting bolt shortcuited everything in my room, but I finally got power back, and you HT?

The CFL is a fine product. We get CBC in southeast Michigan, so the game is something that we have grown up with. And besides that, has anyone watch baseball lately? The game is too slow and filled with scandals/