Why has Creehan not been fired yet?

Seriously, it has been a week and Creehan hasnt been fired yet. Was it not bad enough we had to endure the most embarassing defense in the entire league this year? Game after game this year while the offense and the special teams were putting up big points and big plays the D was horrendous. When the ref waved his red flag to signal the end of the last game in Toronto, Creehan should have been fired right then and there. Our D got torched in an absolute must win elimination game by second string players and by 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks.

The 4th string quarterback HADNT PLAYED A DOWN IN THE CFL and was still able to march with under a minute for the win.

Please, Bob or Obie or George, show the fans that there is some kind of accountability.

We had the number 1 offense in the league, (Sorry all you Burris and Fantuz haters out there, but the stats don't lie) one of the best special teams units, and we still did not make the playoffs. I have never seen, in any professional sports league whether it be the NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA, a team lead the league in offence and still fail to make the post season. It has certainly never happened before in the CFL until now.

Someone needs to clear up his contract situation. Drew Edwards reported that Creehan was on a one year contract, which would mean no firing is necessary. But Tim Burke insists that he still has a year left on his contract.

Here you go FenderGuy69. Fresh meat. I can now get out of the line of fire of the very vocal minority.

Man_of_Mayhem421 welcome aboard. It's nice to some logic around here. :thup:

As per a league directive, teams are barred from making major announcements during the playoffs and Grey Cup. The earliest a team can make an official announcement is on the Tuesday following the Grey Cup.

That said, things leak out, such as Chip Garber being let go in Winnipeg. So if Creehan had been relieved of his duties, we would probably know already, without or without an official statement from the team.

But I'm with Jordan, Creehan's contract situation needs to be clarified. One trusted source is saying one year, while another is saying two. I hope this gets cleared up soon.

Either way a move must be made. To buyout 1 year of a rookie DCs contract shouldn't be much of a problem.

Dude. Relax. At no point have I ever said the Defense was not the most defective part & unit most accountable for the TiCats 6-12 record this year! Remember, I started the original "When will Creehan Get Fired" thread back in early September.

All I've said is that Burris needs to share in some of the accountability & responsibility & that he did not have a perfect season. That's it. That's all. Others get it. Others understand what I've said.

You say you want to get out of the line of fire ... Then why do you always provoke? And I wouldn't say "vocal minority". Others can see that Burris's turnovers are an issue. Many here have recognized that. The FRC recognized that.

So relax Sunshine. But if you want to go round and round and make this about me, go ahead. You're looking like a fool.

Guess this does not apply to GM's (Tillman)

Tillman was fired before the season ended. He firing was announced during the Montreal-Winnipeg game last weekend. It doesn't apply. Once the regular season ended, the league notified the teams not to announce any moves until after the Grey Cup.