why Green Zone?

the whole field is green... the scoreboard is not green... the fireworks are not green... the scoreboard on the TV is yellow and white... soooo, maybe Rod Black is color blind?

The Riders call their red zone the "green zone"...Black apparently is assuming the role of an idiot who assumes that because one team calls it that, the other teams must obviously do it, too...

Mr. Black, continue covering figure skating and back quickly away from the football games. TSN, please bring in someone who has some semblence of knowledge of football instead.

i wondered if it might be a rider connection. making you guys even more popular.

Black isn't "assuming" anything... he IS the REAL deal!!!

What a tool!!

everytime Rod Black talks about the RED ZONE, he also say the green zone.

ROD, i hope you notice that your beloved Riders don't play until tonight so you can stop

The Riders aren't the only team that calls it the "green zone". So do the Stamps.

Here's my proof:

"The glaring problem that we had (Thursday) was our ineffectiveness in the green zone, finishing off the drives," said Hufnagel.

well... my face is red! or is it it green...

I'm not overly concerned with which teams do...all I was pointing out is that not all teams do, but Black assumes it. I simply used the Riders as an example.

Since the Stamps are one team that does use the "green zone" term and it's quite likely that the Stamps were the ones who had the ball when he was using the term then it doesn't make him an idiot to call it the "green zone"... this time.

Why is it that important to you? It's a non-issue to me now - I was simply providing an example. But since you're obviously consumed, I'll give in. Okay...you're right. Black knows all there is to know about football, and I bow to his infinite wisdom...

Forde just called it the Green Zone. What gives? Was the name changed? :lol:

Gord Miller should call it the Orange zone, that will put to rest this discussion.

I'd like to rename it hte fuscia zone personally :lol:

RED ZONE GREEN ZONE ANY ZONE BUT THE ROD BLACK ZONE --------as a huge fan my only gripe outta all the games which thanks to TSN are all televised the entire season --- playoffs---Grey cup is you guessed it folks ROD YAK about stupidness nowhereland BLACK