Why give the ball to Radlein

How can a back as huge as radlein(240+) not be able to run over anyone.Each time he gets the ball the first opponent he meets easily makes the tackle.This can be on a handoff or on a swingpass(where radlein has a full head of steam).He doesn't have any moves and relies on what should be alot of power.There is never any great collision he merely falls down.What gives?

you dont think that it might have been a better idea to give the ball to radlein then lumsden on the 3rd and 1? i dont entirely disagree with you but what are you really expecting from him? hes a good blocking fb. and a consistent safetly valve for maas.

I believe that radelin hasnt fully recoverd from his knee problems of a year ago . He is still a great FB , but a good off season injury free will allow for the knee to heal 100 %

He's been mediocre at best and 1 yard was usually his bread and butter... he cant even do that now.

I wouldnt be bringing him back next year if it was my choice.

Well crash i have to disagree and he had a very serious knee injury and will take time to recover . It would certainly help if our O line wasnt different each game !!!!

Radelin's greatest asset is his blocking. As far as running the ball or catching out of the backfield, he's ineffective. We could improve our offense tremendously with a fullback who can block, run, and catch the ball out of the backfield with authority. :cowboy:

Must agree that Radlein is a great blocking back, and that he is playing "hurt" this year.

Would be incredibly dumb to carry him in 2006 and let him go in some sort of repair to another team in 2007, unless Crash has discovered and signed a FB that can outperform, is gauranteed not to be injured, is unsigned by CFL or NFL, meets the line on the salary cap...

In short JR has earned a shot at coming back next year, in the absence of any credible nominee...

Maybe we put Ranek and Lumsden in the backfield together next year, rotating Holmes in and out.

If there is an injury reason why Julian can't play at 100%, he should not be playing. Your FB needs to block, but his short yardage also needs to be guaranteed. There is clearly something holding him back.

I think Radlein may be one of the guys Desjardin's is referring to ...

Radlein fumbles a lot as well. He carries the ball 15-20 times a year and I bet he averages 3-4 fumbles.
Not a good percentage IMO.

Personally I think he is a real nice guy. Ever watch some of the interviews he has done over the years. Very laid back and personable.

That demeanor is projected on the field. He doesn't have that killer instinct. That drive to want to hurt anybody trying to stop him. If he had that he wouldn't be stuffed on those 3rd and 1 and goal line stands he's failed in in the past.


I certainly concur with Mike619.....Radelin is a great guy. Having said that, we do have to have a fullback that we can get production out of by blocking, running the ball, and catching out of the backfield. This is one position that we need improvment on next year.

Man ! The losing his causing mass psychosis. Anyone who knows anything about Radlein knows he would not be underhanded...Has to me the water

Perhaps the only position that doesn't need to be upgraded on the Cats is RB (Holmes, Lumsden and Ranek if healthy). The performance level at every other position on the team needs to be elevated. Even QB. Maybe some of the players on the current roster can play better than they have but, that's doubtful for many given Desjardin's comments. Maas may be the guy but his on-field performance has to be improved significantly. As it stands now, you have 2 decent receivers, 1 decent DB, maybe 1 LB, maybe 2 linemen. You have a questionable kicking game (both field goals and punter). No team leadership (Desjardin's observation, not mine). Plus a group of lame duck coaches. Without sugar coating it, that's why the Cats are 4-14.

An Argo fan

Look, as much as I think anyone who suggests that Julian isn't a great player has no clue what they are talking about.. I respect their right to their opinion.

HOWEVER, slurring his character is NOT cool. Julian is a great guy and he works VERY hard. He is one of the guys who you will see giving his all on every single play no matter how well the game is going. Suggesting he might be doing something underhanded or simply not be giving his best effort is NOT ok.

If you don't like the way he plays, fine... but personal slurs are just not cool.

As I have said in the past I feel that Radlein is basically an offensive lineman in the backfield.His only offensive strength is a one yard plunge(that any other back can get).He seems to have no balance or much power in his running ability.