Why football is better than hockey - A Rant

So I was watching game 6 of the wings/pens series at a buddies house last nite and at the end of the game, I was so po'd that it confirmed by faith as to why football is way better than hockey.

Now last nite, I was pulling for Detroit, I hate Pittsburgh and I needed Detroit in 6 to win a pool but that's just a side note.

My major complaint with hockey is the reffing. It was absolutely terrible last nite. Now to give you some background, I stopped watching hockey for 10 years. I was really into it when I was a kid, then as a teenager I realized how much the game sucked. I slowly came back after the lockout but I am at a crossroads again.

Back to the reffing. The 2 penalties on Detroit were terrible. The first "goalie interference" penalty wasn't even called by the ref standing behind the net. The ref at the blue line called it. Zetterberg was clearly pushed into the goalie by Staal. Good thing the Pens didn't score.

Detroit's second penalty should have been a dive on Guerin. But whatever, they didn't score.

My big beef with the NHL is that they call penalties all year (like hooking where your stick is parallel to the ice) and then they forget how to ref the game in the playoffs. Oh wait, they are "letting them play". But aren't penalties a part of the game?

I was getting steamed that Pittsburgh didn't have any penalties until the 3rd period.

I saw so many hooks and holds on BOTH teams all nite that it was looking like the clutch and grab garbage that most people sat through for 15 years.

In basketball, do they not call fouls in the 4th quarter when the game is close in the playoffs? No!

In baseball, does the strike zone change or a close play is always called safe in the 9th inning in the playoffs? No!

In football, does the ref not call pass interference or roughing the QB in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl? No!

Then why does it change for hockey?

I don't get it. I give up with the NHL. They change the rules so that the game is supposed to be fast paced, a little bit more scoring and more scoring chances (ie power plays).

The refs constantly put their whistles away in the playoffs and it drives me insane.

I was talking to my buddy about this after the game last nite and we both agreed, a penalty in the first game of the year should be called the exact same way as in the Stanley Cup finals.

The NHL is a joke. I think they want to see their poster boy, Sidney Crosby, hoisting the Stanley Cup. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think that's what they want to see.

Now, Detroit did get out played last nite but there is one play that seriously bugs the hell outta me.

The Cleary breakaway. The guy gets on a breakaway and he gets hooked over is shoulder (2 mins for hooking as the defenseman's stick is parallel to the ice) and then takes a vicious 2 handed slash across the left arm (this should either be an additional 2 or a penalty shot) but the guy actually still controls the puck and gets a half descent shot on net.


The guys on The Score last nite (Hardcore Hockey Talk) couldn't believe that there wasn't at least a penalty.

Detroit has every right to be upset and with the momentum they had, they probably would have scored on the power play.

There are bad calls in footbal, most definitely but penalties in hockey just have a greater impact on the game than football does. In hockey, you lose a guy for 2 or 4 or 5 minutes for a penalty and are forced to play shorthanded. In football, most of the time it's a 5 or 10 yard penalty.

I am not saying football refs are angels but I see more consistency from them.

I like hockey but I don't know how much more I can take when the rules change in the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs was pretty good but has gone down hill from there. It's June for God's sake! Why do they have to play so late.

I could go on with this forever but I had to get this off my chest. Hockey purists will say that the boys were just playing the game last nite and the reffing was fine. The game sucks in the playoffs and I wish it were the same as the regular season.

The cup will be handed out on Friday, whooooooooop di dooooooooooooo and then that signals that the CFL is starting up! Here's to football!

I dunno...I've seen church leagues that let more go than the NHL. What's frustrating to me are phantom calls for things that in no way impeded the player. Last night, I was glad none of these were called.

Hmmm, I dunno. I hate basketball, but my buddies who watch sure had a lot of beefs with the consistancy in the NCAA finals. In baseball, the strike zone seems to change depending on the direction of the breeze that day. By the book its from armpits to knees, no? If that were the case, we'd get games completed in 2 hours. Depending on the umpire, it's about 3 inches about the belt to about 2 inches above the knees. But again, that varies.

With football, I think I agree with you. However, you could probably call holding and procedure on every play if you wanted -- especially in the CFL when everyone's running at the line. And there is a bit of the 'let 'em play' that factors into pass interference calls.

Not to offend, but this sounds pretty biased Red Wings. That call against Malkin was a pretty ballsy call. A cross-checking call -- albeit deserved -- in a crucial part of the game against a superstar. It didn't help or hurt a scoring chance, it was a simple cross-check to the back. No one would've batted an eye if that one wasn't called.

Okay. Done.

Good non call. The defenceman -- Orpik I think it was -- looked to me like he resisted the urge to hook him. Just chased him down and kept him in range. Not until Cleary made his deke did Orpik rap him on the arm...this was hardly vicious and didn't even distract Cleary -- which was the intention. I wouldn't have been surprised or upset if the ref slapped him with a Slashing penalty, but I'd be surprised if Cleary even noticed it. Personally, I thought it was a dumb play by Orpik to even risk taking a penalty....if anything, he should have tried to poke his knee slightly.

Couldn't agree with you more.

F'n right! So pumped for Canada Day!

Just sour grape whinning from a redwing fan.

They were allowed to run and goon Fleary like crazy in game one, so whatever.

My pens will put them out of their missery in a few days :stuck_out_tongue:

t d i am of the same frame of mind about nhl hockey,. can Anyone take it seriuosly after the 93 semi finals were the "great one" gets away with a slash to the face on gilmore. right then and there i died as a nhl hockey fan no credability for the integrity of the game, I fear the same fungas may be invadeing the cfl(i.e Ireland),s selective use of O L holding calls) - things about nhl hockey that always made me feel like its a backwater sport is the use of goons and fighters only for the porpose of fighting, wich has nothing to do with the sport itself, and how a weaker team can win over a dominating team because their goalie is better, In the truest sence they should shoot on the same goalie!!! AND Todays Goalies with their oversize pillows for "personal protection"?) are a joke, allmost all use the flawed Toenie Esposito(sp) butterfly stance and hit the ice as soon as the puck crosses the blue line :roll: , What ever happend to stand up goalies and waiting for the shooter to make the first move?? imho a mixed gender pro league with no fighting and unessasary rouphing and unsportsperson like use of the stick in Canada only!! with 8 teams would be a more entertianing game of hockey to watch.

a penalty or noncall in football can have an affect on the outcome of a game just as in hockey, they can shut down scoreing drives, by taking away a big gane or force a team into a punt situation.and they could not have affected the play could have been 50 yds away from the ball. whach out for it football fans we dont want then fl, nhl cr.. in CFL

I more or less agree with your overall premise Tiger. Good read. All I will add in defence of hockey is that you have guys flying around an ice surface on blades at high speed who have a piece of lumber (graphite whatever) in their hands, it's a pitchfork when you get down to it, wheeling around and shooting a hard piece of rubber at high speeds etc. It's a bit nuts when you think of it, not as controlled as most other sports I can think of, a bit like roller derby but more skill and more controlled. And then the "culture" of fighting and all that. Has to be the toughest sport of the major sports to ref IMHO bar none.

I like the more discipline game of football better because of that, very violent, hitting is the nature of it but just more all round discipline. That being said as a Canadian kid growing up with hockey and a rink in my back yard my Dad made, well, it's Canada's game no question and more than anything, it was the NHL and Stanley Cup we wanted as kids. But then I grew up, and now know better of course. :wink:

Still, absolutely love putting the gear on and going to play some hockey, always will, easy game to play pickup at and beer league stuff. Game comes across well in a rink but prefer watching football live or on TV more than hockey.

I love football but appreciate the more or less continuous action in sports such as soccer and hockey. I have actually timed how much real action(eg from the snap to when the player is tackled) there is in a supposed one hour football game that often lasts 3 to 3 and half hours.......12 to 15 minutes tops. :smiley:

I would take the quality of NHL refs over CFL refs any day of the week and 4,326 times on Sunday's :slight_smile:

For what NHL and NFL refs are paid compared to CFL refs, I'm sure the CFL refs come way, way out on top, not even close. Hey, db holding, interference etc. in the NFL is NOT, and I repeat NOT consistent. Google it, you'll see.

Back to the reffing. The 2 penalties on Detroit were terrible. The first "goalie interference" penalty wasn't even called by the ref standing behind the net. The ref at the blue line called it. Zetterberg was clearly pushed into the goalie by Staal. Good thing the Pens didn't score.
Reminds me of Superbowl 43 Cards Vs. Steelers. 100+ penalty yards against Cardinals, most ever in a superbowl game and most of the calls were bogus, even the announcers were like "why exactly was that a penalty? I don't see where he went wrong. Well we don't have any control over it so on with the game" Bad calls in Pittsburgh's favor seem to happen alot these days. Guess that's where the name "Steeler's" comes from but I believe it should be spelt Stealers?

I dont know about the point of this rant…but anyways… the reffing argument is useless.

In every sport, the refs try to ‘let them play’ when the game is closer on the line. You wont see holds being called as stringent in football, you definitely wont be calling a walk in basketball (if you have a marquee name on the back of your jersey you wont get called period). In baseball, when the game is nearing the end and the score is out of hand, the strike zone gets quadrupled in size just to speed things along… just like the NHL… refs are human beings and different people will see different calls to make (and have their own judgments)

And big name players ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt in the ref/ump’s eyes in EVERY sport.

There are so many things to take issue with the NHL, but your whole rant isnt a reason… your rant could be applied to any league…

And again, its relative. Those penalties that are only ‘5 or 10 yards’ often result in an automatic first down that keeps a critical drive alive. And a pass interference call 50 yards downfield is MUCH more crippling than killing a penalty for 2 minutes. Football is a game of inches… and 5 or 10 yards is a lot of inches.

That being said. The NHL and CFL equally share the distinction of the sports world’s worst officiators.

But I like both sports equally…

The Black and Gold team in the Super Bowl won because it was better than the Red team. Black and Gold teams are always better but sometimes the games end before the good guys can score the winning points. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I think I will rant a little too...

I thought I was the only one who gave up on the NHL! It is not just the different standards when calling penalties that have turned me off, the neandrathals like Don Cherry that the NHL seems to continually put on pedestals who keep the league in the dark ages don't help it's cause either. The mentatlity that fighting must exist as "payback" or "protection" or "to sort things out" is ridiculous. I love watching hockey in the olympics and at an international level. All that junk is missing. Earlier this season when Ovechkin celebrated after his 50th goal, most comments we heard was that someone on Tampa Bay should have decked him. If Tampa was really that upset, maybe they should have looked at themselves for allowing him to run all over the ice.
The CFL also has had some commissioner's who haven't been great, but they never lasted long as the BOG usually sooner rather then later got rid of them. Someone please explain how Gary Bettman has been allowed to run the NHL for so long? I always get the feeling that he can do no wrong no matter how bad his decisions are (spur ESPN for VS. for example) as long as Toronto and Montreal are happy and the rest of Canada gets treated like dirt. It amazes me Canadians are as torreable as they are with the NHL when such a dunce is running it.

Forever baseball was considered America's past time, and without a doubt over the past 15 years, the excitement, consistancy and ability to change with the times, football has taken that title as baseball hasn't changed and remains slow and inconsistant.

Hockey is deep in the fabric of Canada, however even the almighty NHL with it's Maple Leafs and Canadians will eventually need to take a back seat to the more progressive CFL and NFL.

Football is awesome! Part me died after the Superbowl, can't wait for July 1st!



Hockey is a great sport, but a weird one and the one where we see the most differences with how the game is played between the regular season and the playoffs. I think the fundamental reason for this is that hockey hasn't yet, and may never, figure out exactly what the role of hitting is and, as well, the role of violence with fighting. I can't think of other major team sports that has this fundamental disconnect. But that is ok, I grew up with the game and can understand it for the most part for what it is. The skill set is super and love playing the game but it is a confusing game to watch.

I will be the first to say hockey is my favorite sport and love the game. My second favortie sport is boxing/mma which is the upcoming sport in this country and well North America. I would say in terms of young canadians hockey and mma are probably on the list of mosts top 2 followed close with NFL. The 20-30 yr old generation loves the hype and excitment of these 3 events. The hype and excitement of a CFL game just isnt there it has never been marketed properly to this generation of fans. Ask most 20-30 yr old males if a UFC was being shown the same night as a cats game which would they attend. I can say hockey has changed a lot over the years something for the better some for the worse. Football I love but for me is just a little slower paced and not enough continuous action for my liking. I can say this NHL hockey will never take a back seat to CFL and unless the CFL does something in a hurry to generate the hype that surrounds the big events i am worried it may run itself out of town. The game day experience that surrounds the NHL/UFC/NFL is whats needed to bring this great sport to life and get young fans in the stands to see a great product that right now they arent the least bit interested in

What you have to remember ADAWG is that the CFL is a whole different kettle of fish compared with the other leagues you are talking about? Why? Because it is Canadian and doesn’t have the luxury, if you will, of the American hype machine behind it. And that is exactly what many of us like about it, the lack of American hype and excitement as you say puts the CFL in a whole different category, a category that thank god exists.

I can appreciate many young people and some older people as well can’t or are unable to buy into this concept for a variety of reasons. And that is perfectly fine of course.

The thing is in order for this league to be successful it has to reach out someway or somehow to the youth. It has to get that feel to it that I have to be there at the stadium to watch this game I can't miss it. It currently doesn't have that feel to it. It is a great product don't get me wrong and I am one of the few in my generation who loves to go to a game not just based on a free ticket. It can't and never will be the NFL and the hype behind it as league revenues don't compare to the leagues I did mention. There has to be though someway to market this product in a way like other pro sports where its the hottest ticket in town. Current Canadian laws don't help much and the current tailgate spot size dont help much either. I'm not saying its not great to have a low key league either but in order to draw that new audience that will make this league grow further and be reconized as a legimate pro league in a lot of peoples eyes. Which unfortunately right now it is not. I love the product but without some sort of hype a lot of people are missing out on it.

Re ADAWG_ I know that ufc is very popular , about equal to boxing in the 60, and 70,s IMo would rather watch frazier vs ali than any UFC hug and tug fest , i dont lijke seeing two guys in that missionary position thing they do, and really its more about streetfighting violance than athletics or sport.! are you saying the cfl should play without helmets and there would be alot of blood and broken bones that would draw the UFC crowd?


I know what you're saying ADAWG, you're certainly not the first to say what you're saying, and some people agree that the CFL "model" will not work in the "long run" in this country. That being said the "long run" so to speak has been in perpetuity for quite a while now, the CFL has survived for decades albeit on shaky grounds at times, as the CFL per se since the mid '50's. So I'm still waiting for those that think it's too low key, not enough hype and excitement, not enough young people getting into it etc., and we've all heard all the reasons, to see the league disappear. It's still around and there is not one American team in the league nor does the CFL have any big time money from American television.

People also have to remember the Grey Cup doesn't need the CFL, it was played for by amateur teams and won by universities at times. The Grey Cup goes on with or without the CFL albeit the actual skill level of the universities or junior teams vying for it wouldn't be as high as what we see with the CFL.